Jeanne Lambrew


Health Policy and the Economic Crisis Article
The short-run economic crisis has health policy causes and effects—and arguably the most serious long-run economic challenge is our broken health care system. (iStockphoto)

Health Policy and the Economic Crisis

CAPAF Senior Fellow Jeanne Lambrew testifies before the House Committee on Ways and Means about how health policy fits into the economic crisis.

Jeanne Lambrew

Affordable Long-Term Care Article

Affordable Long-Term Care

America is in desperate need of a long-term care solution. On the verge of the baby boomers' retirement—the 65-plus population will increase by some 30 million over the next 20 years, a three-fold increase over the previous two decades—the United States is utterly unprepared to finance their long-term-care needs.

Jeanne Lambrew

Access to Health Care Testimony

Access to Health Care

Health care costs are increasing, access is decreasing, and 47 million Americans are uninsured. This is a crisis we must address.

Jeanne Lambrew

Healthy Stimulus Article

Healthy Stimulus

Jeanne Lambrew explains why the Senate should include temporary support for states’ health programs as part of economic stimulus.

Jeanne Lambrew

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