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Foreign Policy and Security

U.S. troops load relief supplies

Shortchanging National Security

Current congressional appropriations threaten key defense and foreign policy programs to make a political point.

Iran nuclear talks

Implementing the Iran Nuclear Agreement

article icon Issue Brief As attention turns to implementing the Iran nuclear agreement, questions remain regarding future inspections, Iran's legacy technical capacity, and what the United States should do to ensure Iran stays off the nuclear path.

Putin U.N. address

Putin Should Not Throw Stones

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent comments about the unrest in Ferguson highlight why the United States must work to address its own shortcomings as it promotes democracy abroad.

Obama and Xi

U.S.-China Climate Announcements Lay Foundation for Success in Paris

New U.S.-China climate partnership commitments ease the path to international agreement later this year.

Xi Jinping Obama

Dealing with a Proactive China

China’s growing assertiveness creates opportunities and challenges for the United States.


Crisis in Context

book_alt2 icon Report This report explores the numbers behind the global refugee and internally displaced people crisis and offers practical solutions moving forward, from more effective diplomacy to improved plans for refugee resettlement.

boy in Mumbai

Leave No One Behind

article icon Issue Brief Leave No One Behind is the headline of the Sustainable Development Goals, but without further definition and a plan to achieve this objective, it will be nothing more than soaring rhetoric.

Assessing the Anti-ISIS Campaign After the First Year

Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


Fighting Corruption One Goal at a Time

book_alt2 icon Report The new global development agenda pledges to curb corruption and illicit financial flows. The United States can help make sure this commitment becomes more than just words.

Harry Truman U.N. speech

Harry Truman and the Politics of a National Security Strategy

article icon Issue Brief The experiences of the Truman administration—when a president tried to balance policy and politics during a time of great international challenges—can inform today’s foreign policy debate.

Japanese woman auto worker

What Washington Can Learn From Japan’s Domestic Policy Agenda

The United States should pay close attention to the Abe government’s approach to stagnant wages and women’s economic inclusion, and its rejection of fatalism.

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