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Foreign Policy and Security

Istanbul skyline

Turkey’s Path to Prosperity in 2023

book_alt2 icon Report Structural reform to education, the judiciary, and regulatory authorities can help Turkey unlock its potential and achieve its ambitious economic goals.

Turkey 2023: Four Profiles of Modern Turkey

play_alt icon Video This minidocumentary explores the challenges and opportunities that Turkey faces ahead of the 100th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's founding of the modern republic.

Syrian refugees

Renewing the United States’ Global Commitment to Refugee Resettlement

On the eve of the U.N. and Obama administration summits on the global refugee challenge, the United States should redouble its commitment to refugee resettlement.

Kerry in Greenland

Avoiding a Full Arctic Meltdown

book_alt2 icon Report This fall, world leaders and science ministers have a shot at stepping up global action to avert catastrophic Arctic and global climate change.

Ugandan family

The Importance of a Human-Centered Approach in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals

With the upcoming U.N. General Assembly meetings, it is crucial to focus on human-centered approaches to sustainable development.

Detained immigrant kids

The Harrowing Lives and Traumas of Central American Refugees

Children and families face extreme violence and poverty in the Northern Triangle of Central America, as evidenced by this round-up of stories reported by the press and nongovernmental organizations.

President Obama and President Xi

Charting a New Course for the U.S.-China Relationship

book_alt2 icon Report U.S. and Chinese experts exchange views and offer policy recommendations for the next phase of this crucial bilateral relationship.

Rouhani and Erdogan

Turkey-Iran Relations

article icon Issue Brief For Turkey and Iran to move away from their destructive regional confrontation and toward stability, they need to return to their previous policy of selective cooperation, compartmentalization, and mediation.

Turkish flag in Istanbul

Emerging Threats and New Trends in Turkish Foreign Policy

article icon Issue Brief Turkey is set to downsize its foreign policy ambitions and reduce its confrontational style in regional politics.

helicopter and ship in Pacific Ocean

The North American Leaders Summit Should Put Fish on the Menu

If the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico work together, they can curtail illegal fishing, reward honest fishermen, and act to save two critically endangered species.

woman takes photo

Turkey’s Digital Divides

book_alt2 icon Report Turkey’s political and social conditions hinder the internet’s ability to improve economic growth, government efficiency, and democratic participation.

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