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Foreign Policy and Security


Developing a Blue Economy in China and the United States

book_alt2 icon Report China and the United States should join forces to promote sustainable development of ocean and coastal regions and resources.

Infographic: Fixing the Force: The Path of a Military Career

Every service member experiences a number of key career and personal milestones. This infographic traces an example military career from enlistment through retirement.

Infographic: Fixing the Force: Understanding Military Pay

Basic pay is only about half of military compensation. This infographic provides snapshots of total compensation for military officers and enlisted service members by rank.

Ash Carter

The Values-Interest Balance: U.S. and Japan Foreign Policy Cooperation in Support of Democratization

Southeast Asia poses challenges for both the United States and Japan as each must reconcile their national interests and support for democratic values with their foreign policy in the region.

Israel election billboard

What’s Next in Israel

article icon Issue Brief The March 17 election results will likely lead to a narrow right-wing government in Israel. The Obama administration must balance fundamental disagreements with the need to maintain its relationship with a key Middle Eastern ally.

Obama and Netanyahu

Strengthening the Foundations of U.S.-Israel Ties at a Time of Change in the Middle East

article icon Issue Brief The strategic rationale for the U.S.-Israel partnership must evolve with the changing geopolitical and regional context.

nuclear negotiations

Getting to a Final Agreement: Nuclear Negotiations with Iran and Congressional Action

article icon Issue Brief A final nuclear agreement with Iran may be within reach, but both Congress and the White House must remain vigilant and clear-eyed about the hurdles.

Prime Minister Abadi

Helping Prime Minister Abadi Beat ISIS and Hold Iraq Together

The Iraqi prime minister’s visit offers an important chance to take stock of the anti-ISIS campaign and make important adjustments.

U.S. Capitol

A Constructive Role for Congress on Iran

Congress can bolster the U.S. negotiating position and help prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon by playing the role of enforcer for an agreement.

Interactive: International Commitments to Afghanistan

cursor icon Interactive This interactive outlines key international commitments to Afghanistan through pivotal years of transition.

Iran nuclear talks

Nuclear Negotiations with Iran Reach a Decision Point

article icon Issue Brief An imperfect negotiated deal between the P5+1 and Iran is better than the alternative of no deal at all.

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