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Foreign Policy and Security

Turkish flag in Istanbul

Emerging Threats and New Trends in Turkish Foreign Policy

article icon Issue Brief Turkey is set to downsize its foreign policy ambitions and reduce its confrontational style in regional politics.

helicopter and ship in Pacific Ocean

The North American Leaders Summit Should Put Fish on the Menu

If the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico work together, they can curtail illegal fishing, reward honest fishermen, and act to save two critically endangered species.

People check their smartphone

The U.S. Presidential Election: The View from China

article icon Issue Brief CAP Visiting Scholar Zhang Fan shares insights from her research on how the Chinese audience follows the U.S. presidential election and what they think about it.

migrant child

A Better Approach to Fragile States

book_alt2 icon Report CAP argues for a new strategy to shrink the number of fragile states by creating a new mechanism called Inclusion, Growth, and Peace Compacts.

North America

Proposals for a North American Climate Strategy

book_alt2 icon Report The new alignment of the United States, Mexico, and Canada on climate change—and the forthcoming North American Leaders’ Summit—present opportunities for these countries to undertake new, coordinated climate action.

Solar power farm in northwestern China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Green Finance: The Next Frontier for U.S.-China Climate Cooperation

article icon Issue Brief Both the United States and China need to bolster domestic policy and steer overseas finance in climate-friendly directions.

drone in Kandahar

Drone Strikes: Key Legal Questions—Part 2

The Obama administration has clarified some of its legal views ahead of the impending release of new information on the drone program.

ASEAN leaders wave

The Missing Link

book_alt2 icon Report This report analyzes the state of multilateral security institutions in Asia, U.S. engagement with them, and recommendations for the next U.S. administration to improve these institutions.

Refugee camp Turkey

Is Erdoğan Holding Europe Hostage?

article icon Issue Brief Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to use Turkey’s migrant deal with the European Union to achieve his goals in Syria and force Europe to accept his authoritarian streak.

CICIG commissioner

Building Accountability From the Inside Out

book_alt2 icon Report An international body based in Guatemala has made major progress against entrenched corruption in the country, achieving what few thought was possible. This report examines the factors behind that success and whether they can be replicated in other places that graft plagues.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry at the 2015 GLACIER Conference

As Arctic Nears Tipping Point, President Obama and Nordic Leaders Must Act

President Obama and the five Nordic leaders should use their May 13 summit to work to cut their nations’ greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard the Arctic, and inspire more ambitious climate change action globally.

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