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A person holds an identification card

State ID Card Policies for LGBTQ Youths Experiencing Homelessness

article icon Fact Sheet Expanding access to state-issued identification for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness could create opportunities and improve their safety and well-being.

Elderly woman and LGBT pride

Expanding Support Systems for Socially Isolated LGBT and American Indian Seniors

Adequate social and economic support is essential to ensure the economic security, health, and well-being of vulnerable seniors and their caregivers.

children in class

A Plan to Enhance the Child Tax Credit

article icon Fact Sheet By enhancing the Child Tax Credit, policymakers can substantially reduce child poverty, increase family economic security, and invest in our nation’s next generation. Melissa Boteach is the Vice President of the Poverty to Prosperity Program at the Center for American Progress.

Infographic: How Could Boosting Wages Reduce Crime?

Raising the minimum wage and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit would not only boost income for struggling workers but also save American communities billions of dollars each year by reducing crime.

A woman makes juice

EITC Expansion for Childless Workers Would Save Billions—and Take a Bite Out of Crime

article icon Issue Brief Boosting the Earned Income Tax Credit for workers without dependent children would result in a societal benefit of $1.7 billion to $3.3 billion each year from reduced crime and enhanced public safety alone.

LaQuita’s Story: How Unemployment Insurance Helped Make Ends Meet Between Jobs

play_alt icon Video This video tells LaQuita's story of how unemployment insurance helped make ends meet for her and her family and shows why the program needs to be strengthened.

A man walks past a blighted building in Baltimore

Creating Safe and Healthy Living Environments for Low-Income Families

book_alt2 icon Report Given how central homes and communities are to people’s lives, federal and local leaders must work to ensure low-income families live in environments that are conducive to their success.

Job seeker looks for work

Where States Are and Where They Should Be on Unemployment Protections

article icon Issue Brief By taking steps to strengthen their unemployment insurance programs, states can better protect working families against joblessness, increase workforce participation, and prepare their economies to face the next recession.

closed factory

A Plan to Improve Unemployment Protections in America

article icon Fact Sheet A new proposal would update unemployment insurance and establish a Jobseeker’s Allowance. Its recommendations would strengthen the nation’s workforce development system, protect families from unemployment, and fortify the American economy against the next recession.

job fair

Strengthening Unemployment Protections in America

book_alt2 icon Report By modernizing the unemployment insurance system and establishing a Jobseeker’s Allowance, the United States can promote employment, increase economic security for working families, and prepare the economy for the next recession.

mother and young daughter

A Progressive Agenda to Cut Poverty and Expand Opportunity

book_alt2 icon Report Progressive policies offer the best solutions to tackle widespread economic instability and restore the American dream.

The contents of a prepared box are displayed for a research project.

3 Ways to Tell Someone Is Serious About Evidence-Based Policy

Evidence-based policymaking should not become a buzzword to justify cuts to programs for struggling families.

retiree volunteer

Yet Another Reason Raising the Social Security Retirement Age Is a Terrible Idea

A new study documenting the growing life expectancy gap by income is the latest in a long line of research showing that raising the Social Security retirement age is the wrong approach.

mobile grocery store

Best Practices for Creating a Sustainable and Equitable Food System in the United States

article icon Issue Brief Leaders at the local and state levels should follow the examples of successful community initiatives to improve the U.S. food system.

IRS Building

3 Reasons Why We Should Certify All Paid Tax Preparers

Minimum standards for education and ethics would improve accuracy and transparency while protecting taxpayers.

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