Improving the Lives and Rights of LGBTQ People in America

The incoming Biden administration has stated its commitment to advancing LGBTQ equality, which will require undoing the harms caused during the last four years and by generations of discrimination, as well as proactively championing a progressive agenda.



How Religion and LGBTQ Rights Intersect in Media Coverage

A study of recent news articles across national and local media outlets reveals that media coverage of LGBTQ rights more often cites religiously identified sources who oppose LGBTQ equality than those who support it.



The State of the LGBTQ Community in 2020

A comprehensive new study from the Center for American Progress finds that many LGBTQ people continue to face discrimination in their personal lives, in the workplace and the public sphere, and in their access to critical health care.



Expanding Definitions of Family in Federal Laws

Federal statutory definitions of family often fail to reflect the wide diversity of family structures in the United States, which can be particularly harmful to members of the LGBTQ community.