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Including Immigration Parole in Reconciliation Will Help Millions

While not providing permanent protections, including immigration parole in reconciliation would allow up to 7.1 million undocumented immigrants to gain long-term temporary status while satisfying the objections of the Senate parliamentarian.


Fact Sheet: State-by-State Estimates of Citizenship in Budget Reconciliation

The proposed House budget reconciliation bill would create a pathway to citizenship for 6.9 million Dreamers, those eligible for Temporary Protected Status, and essential workers—including farmworkers—all while boosting U.S. economy.


Protect Immigrants in the Build Back Better Package

Now is our chance to pass long-overdue protections, which an overwhelming majority of Americans support. Congress must enact legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship for every immigrant who calls this country home.


Redefining Homeland Security: A New Framework for DHS To Meet Today’s Challenges

To meet the challenges of today, the Biden administration and Congress should reform the Department of Homeland Security around a mission that highlights safety and services alongside its traditional protecting roles.


A New Framework for DHS To Meet Today’s Challenges

What America needs from the Department of Homeland Security today is different from when it was founded nearly 20 years ago.


Why DACA Matters

DACA continues to be a lifeline for its beneficiaries, their families, and communities across the nation.


The Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy Is Over

Individual and collective accountability for the family separation policy is needed to hold individuals responsible, restore faith in government institutions, prevent further abuses, and provide appropriate redress.


A Profile of Immigrant Women in the Workforce

Immigrant women are integral members of U.S. society, working across industries that serve all communities and spur economic growth. As the pandemic continues to disproportionately affect women in the workforce, future policy must consider the contributions and needs of immigrant women.