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Asian American and Pacific Islander Voters

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are the nation’s fastest-growing racial group. But despite their soaring numbers, they still face barriers to reaching the voting booth.

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Top 6 Facts on the Latino Vote

Latinos are a growing segment of the electorate and tremendous potential exists for them to gain much more political power in 2016 and beyond.

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What Would It Cost to Deport 11.3 Million Unauthorized Immigrants?

At a minimum, mass deportation would cost the nation $114 billion—and potentially far more over time.

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Results from a Nationwide Survey of DACA Recipients Illustrate the Program’s Impact

A nationwide survey shows that DACA recipients are getting better jobs, earning more money, and acquiring more higher education.

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Combating Child Smugglers in Central America

The U.S. and Central American governments need to do more to combat the root causes behind child smuggling and violence in the Northern Triangle region.

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Federal-Local Coordination on Immigration Enforcement: Prioritizing Public Safety

Prioritizing safety for all is the focus of locally tailored immigration enforcement programs.

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2 Years Later, Immigrants Are Still Waiting on Immigration Reform

Had it been implemented, the bipartisan immigration reform bill passed by the Senate in 2013 would have kept families together and significantly boosted the American economy.

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Humanitarian Diplomacy

book_alt2 icon Report CAP data analysis provides insights into the challenges that LGBT people seeking asylum in the United States face and underscores the need for the government to collect sexual orientation and gender identity data.

The Countries From Which LGBT People Are Seeking Asylum

cursor icon Interactive Data analysis provides insight into the countries that LGBT asylum seekers come from and their experiences in the asylum process.

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The Top 10 Facts You Need to Know About Immigrants Today

In honor of Immigrant Heritage Month, here are the top facts about the demographics, voting power, and economic effect of immigrants in the United States.

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Asian Immigrants in the United States Today

Asians are the fastest growing immigrant group in the United States today. For Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, here’s a look at the Asian immigrant population in the United States today.

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