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Health Care

Luillia Van Lanen with some of her prescription medication

Enough Is Enough

book_alt2 icon Report Sustainable drug pricing requires paying for drugs based on their benefits to patients.

A doctor administers an asthma breathing test.

Hurricane Katrina’s Health Care Legacy

article icon Issue Brief Gulf Coast states must expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to address the long-term consequences of the federal government’s failed health policy response to Hurricane Katrina.

Medicare house call

The 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid: Providing Hope for the ACA’s Future

As was the case with Medicare and Medicaid, the conversation surrounding the Affordable Care Act will likely move beyond repeal toward serious debate about improving the health care system.


Pharmaceutical Provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Threaten Drug Access and Affordability

The current draft of the TPP will raise drug prices and hinder access to critical medications.

Doctor and patient

A Strategy for Medicare Payment Reform

book_alt2 icon Report Medicare’s Pioneer ACO Model has shown modest yet improving results so far. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services should make improvements to the Pioneer ACO Model while also expanding bundled payment reforms.

Chemotherapy is administered to a cancer patient.

Payment Reform Action Plan: Meeting the New Medicare Payment Reform Target

article icon Issue Brief The new Medicare goal for payment reform is a significant milestone toward improving patient care and making health care spending more sustainable. CAP recommends these next steps to help achieve this goal.


The Great Cost Shift

book_alt2 icon Report Cost shifting from employers to employees—not the Affordable Care Act—is the reason why employees continue to experience growing health care costs. Employees should be aware of these cost-shifting efforts and share in health care cost savings.

Supreme Court

King v. Burwell: The Prohibitive Cost of Any Congressional Response to a Ruling Against the Affordable Care Act

article icon Issue Brief The Supreme Court should not expect Congress to act to prevent disastrous consequences.

cash and pills

Accountable Care States

book_alt2 icon Report In order to control health care costs, states should have the option to become “Accountable Care States” that are accountable for health care costs, the quality of care, and access to care—with sizable financial rewards for keeping overall costs low.

A New Management Structure for a New Phase of the Affordable Care Act

article icon Issue Brief The next round of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act begins in November. To avoid problems and to optimize the consumer experience, a new, more effective management structure is essential for the next phase of implementation.

Changing the Conversation on Abortion Restrictions

article icon Issue Brief Hundreds of laws have been passed to restrict abortion in the past few years that undermine health care providers’ ability to provide—and patients’ right to receive—individualized, quality care. To counter this, legislators in several states are introducing bills that would protect evidence-based medical care and expand abortion access.

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