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Energy and Environment

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Social Cohesion: The Secret Weapon in the Fight for Equitable Climate Resilience

book_alt2 icon Report Fostering community cohesion in low-income, climate-vulnerable areas is an overlooked strategy for climate resilience before, during, and after extreme weather events.


A Rulemaking to Close Loopholes and Cut Subsidies for the Federal Coal Program

article icon Fact Sheet The U.S. Department of the Interior is aiming to close a loophole so that coal companies can no longer use their affiliates to dodge royalty payments, but this rule needs to be strengthened to guarantee that taxpayers receive every dollar due for their resources.

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The Buildings of Tomorrow Are Here Today

article icon Issue Brief Net-zero energy buildings—highly efficient spaces that require no net fossil-fuel consumption—have proliferated throughout the United States. The federal government must lead by example and step up efforts to free future government buildings from the need to consume fossil-fuel-generated electricity.

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From Risk to Resilience: Preparing U.S. Coasts for Climate Change

New investments, hardnosed land-use reforms, and an innovative, pro-nature approach must define coastal resilience in the century ahead.

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Fossil-Fuel Subsidies in the Crosshairs at World Bank Spring Meetings

Fossil fuel subsidy reform is a global necessity and is right where it should be—at the top of the World Bank’s development and climate agenda.

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Carbon-Pollution Levels Have Fallen Since 2005 but Remain a Critical Issue

The Clean Power Plan is essential to ensure that the nation’s power plants emit less, not more, carbon pollution in the future.

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Video: The Three Biggest Threats to the Environment from the 114th Congress

play_alt icon Video Support for the environment was once a bipartisan affair. Democrats and Republicans came together to create the first Earth Day in 1970. No longer. Here are the three biggest threats to America’s public lands and waters in the 114th Congress.

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The Clean Power Plan: A Critical Step Toward Decarbonizing America’s Energy System

The Clean Power Plan can help mitigate rising natural gas use in the United States and build momentum for a carbon-free energy system.

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With Fossil Fuels the Focus of Its First 100 Days, the New Congress Has No Results to Show

Forty-four percent of the Senate’s votes in 2015 have been on unpopular anti-environmental proposals and divisive fossil-fuel industry priorities. Congressional leaders will have to change their approach if they want results on energy and environmental issues.

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The Business Case for the Green Climate Fund

Investments in clean energy and climate resilience supported by the newly launched Green Climate Fund can be a boon for U.S. businesses and global economic growth.

Cars sit on the edge of a sinkhole.

Extreme Weather on the Rise

The most severe weather events of 2014 took 65 lives and cost more than $19 billion, showing that the need for increased resilience investment is greater than ever.

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