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Energy and Environment

Flint River

5 Things to Know About Communities of Color and Environmental Justice

The Flint, Michigan, crisis is just one example of the many environmental injustices that communities of color are facing.

A man charges an electric car

Electric Utilities and the Future of Clean Transportation

book_alt2 icon Report Electric utilities should take an active role in encouraging electric vehicle ownership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

oil field

It Is Time to Phase Out 9 Unnecessary Oil and Gas Tax Breaks

article icon Fact Sheet Congress should phase out nine wasteful tax breaks for the oil and gas industry to level the playing field with cleaner sources of energy.

A solar power plant nears completion.

The Potential of Proxy Carbon Pricing in International Development Finance

article icon Issue Brief International finance institutions can use proxy carbon pricing in conjunction with other tools to drive climate-compatible investments and help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry at the 2015 GLACIER Conference

As Arctic Nears Tipping Point, President Obama and Nordic Leaders Must Act

President Obama and the five Nordic leaders should use their May 13 summit to work to cut their nations’ greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard the Arctic, and inspire more ambitious climate change action globally.

A man plants vegetables in a garden.

Resilient Midwestern Cities

book_alt2 icon Report The growing threats of flooding, heat-related deaths, and other climate change risks are driving Midwestern city and community leaders to make their cities more sustainable and just.

power plant

Proxy Carbon Pricing

book_alt2 icon Report The federal government should adopt the practice, common in the private sector, of anticipating a price on carbon when assessing the financial viability of long-term investments, including infrastructure.

Wheat field

Food Security and Climate Change: New Frontiers in International Security

article icon Issue Brief Food security and climate change are already contributing to human suffering and eroding state structures. The United States should incorporate food and climate analysis fully into foreign and security policy to anticipate the next crisis.

Ouarzazate solar plant

From Negotiation to Fulfillment: The First U.N. Climate Conferences of the Paris Era

article icon Issue Brief As host of COP 22, Morocco can set a precedent that will help facilitate the ultimate success of the Paris agreement.

The rising full moon silhouettes the budding Cherry tree blossoms

The Rise to Power of the Congressional Anti-Parks Caucus

article icon Issue Brief Twenty GOP legislators have led a divisive anti-parks agenda that has fractured Congress’s bipartisan tradition of supporting America’s national parks and public lands.

mangrove restoration Senegal

Building Resilience to Climate Change Requires Investment in Nature

article icon Issue Brief Preserving ecosystem services is an essential component of international strategies for adaptation to climate change.

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