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Energy and Environment

Climate change, republicans, and Exxon Mobil

House Committee Ignores States’ Rights by Interfering with Exxon Mobil Climate Denial Probe

State attorneys general are investigating Exxon Mobil for fraud—if members of the House science committee do not stand in their way.

Speicherstadt in Hamburg

Could the G-20 Become Coherent on Climate?

article icon Issue Brief The G-20 has an opportunity to take up the mantle of climate leadership—starting with a focus on climate-compatible infrastructure.

Everglades National Park

The Dividends of Coastal Conservation in the United States

book_alt2 icon Report America’s blue parks are a pillar of sustainable coastal economies and equitable access to the great outdoors.

Andy Jimenez looks at the Morris Reservoir

Parks for All

book_alt2 icon Report Diversity, access, and inclusion should be prioritized for the centennial of the National Park Service.

Typhoon Maysak

Bridging the Risk Modeling Gap

article icon Issue Brief The United States can—and should—galvanize global progress on expanding climate-related risk insurance by launching a new partnership to expand and improve catastrophe modeling in developing countries.

A power plant

Updated: Suing and Spewing—The Massive Pollution Behind the Fight to Overturn the Clean Power Plan

bars icon Charts The power producers affiliated with the lawsuit to overturn landmark carbon pollution limits increased their carbon emissions in 2014, according to an updated analysis.

Electricians install solar panels

Net Energy Metering

article icon Issue Brief State policymakers are debating net energy metering in the context of electricity rates, the growing solar market, and reducing carbon emissions.

A darkened San Diego skyline

Girding the U.S. Electric Grid with Community Energy Storage

article icon Issue Brief Distributed batteries for energy storage can collectively strengthen the electric grid against extreme weather.

Washington refinery

Carbon Pricing in a Fiscal Context

article icon Issue Brief The potential revenue from a price on carbon pollution would be a small percentage of the nation’s overall budget.

helicopter and ship in Pacific Ocean

The North American Leaders Summit Should Put Fish on the Menu

If the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico work together, they can curtail illegal fishing, reward honest fishermen, and act to save two critically endangered species.

Exhaust rises from coal

Suing and Spewing

article icon Issue Brief The power producers affiliated with the lawsuits against the EPA’s Clean Power Plan are responsible for 1.2 billion tons of carbon pollution each year.

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