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Energy and Environment

Grenada Climate Change

Opportunities for the Green Climate Fund in 2015

article icon Issue Brief Countries—including the United States—need to start meeting their financial pledges to the Green Climate Fund so that it can begin to help solve the climate challenge.

The seafood counter in Whole Foods

Tracking Seafood From Bait to Plate

The Obama administration recently announced actions that will help reduce seafood fraud and combat pirate fishing around the globe.

A coal-fired power plant in New Mexico

Cutting Greenhouse Gas from Fossil-Fuel Extraction on Federal Lands and Waters

article icon Issue Brief A comprehensive emissions-reduction plan is needed to cut greenhouse gas pollution from energy development on public lands and waters to support U.S. climate change goals.

Hurricane destroyed house

Budget Impact: Reducing Exposure to the Risks Posed by Climate Change Saves Money and Lives

If Republican leaders in Congress are serious about fiscal responsibility, their 2016 federal budget proposal will include funds to cut carbon pollution and strengthen the nation’s resilience to climate change.

Indonesia fuel subsidy

Making Subsidy Reform Stick

Low oil prices can help countries reform fuel subsidies, but governments should invest the resultant savings in national projects to ensure that they stick.

Ohio dock turbine

The Economic Fallout of the Freeze on Ohio’s Clean Energy Sector

article icon Issue Brief Ohio stands as a cautionary tale of the harms that follow a rollback of renewable energy and energy-efficiency standards.

Wind turbines from the Smoky Hills Wind Farm

Fact Sheet: Efforts to Repeal or Weaken Renewable Energy Schedules in the States

article icon Fact Sheet On the heels of coordinated campaigns across the country to roll back state-level renewable energy standards, many states are already facing similar efforts in the early months of 2015.


States Have a Responsibility to Support and Implement the Clean Power Plan

States that oppose the Clean Power Plan are already grappling with the impacts of climate change—and accepting federal dollars to mitigate those impacts.

Icebreaker in Seattle

Icebreakers: Essential Assets for a Changing Arctic

article icon Issue Brief Without decisive action to fund and build new heavy icebreakers for the U.S. Coast Guard, the United States puts its environment and national security in harm’s way.

Bold Tern

A Good Plan: Supporting the National Ocean Policy Ensures the Prosperity of Coastal Economies

Ocean-dependent businesses look to ocean planning to make the most of marine resources.

Deepwater Horizon

Drilling in the Arctic or the Atlantic? It Could Be All of the Above

What President Obama’s draft five-year program means for the future of offshore oil and gas exploration in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

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