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Energy and Environment

A housing community near a methane leak

5 Reasons Why the EPA Should Limit Methane Pollution from All Sources in the Oil and Gas Sector

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency needs to limit methane pollution from all sources in the oil and gas sector to meet the Obama administration’s climate change mitigation goals.

A Flint resident carries free water

Protecting America from Racism in the Water

The Flint water crisis highlights the continuing disparities that people of color face in finding access to fair housing and healthy communities.

Capitol Hill

Executive Power and the Role of Congress in the Paris Climate and Iran Nuclear Agreements

article icon Issue Brief CAP experts explain why the role of Congress differed in these two major international agreements aimed at improving global security.

3 Things to Know about the Armed Gunmen (and Politicians) Who Want to Take Away Your Public Lands

play_alt icon Video A video explainer of three things that the gunmen in Oregon and their political allies get wrong about America's public lands.

Electricians install solar panels to roof.

The Clean Energy Incentive Program: Improving Energy Efficiency Programs for Low-Income Communities

As the EPA finalizes the details of the Clean Energy Incentive Program, it should maximize its outreach of energy efficiency programs to low-income communities.

Climate change slogan on Eiffel Tower

The Paris Climate Agreement

article icon Issue Brief On December 12, 2015, nations adopted a historic global agreement to address climate change.

power lines

Integrated Energy Storage in the United States

book_alt2 icon Report Falling storage costs offer new opportunities for investment, but barriers to deployment remain.

Oil drilling

Cutting Methane Pollution from the Oil and Gas Industry to Meet U.S. Climate Commitments

The Environmental Protection Agency must require the oil and gas industry to cut methane pollution from all sources, not just new sources, in order to meet the nation’s climate goals.

Coal-fired plant

Beijing’s Energy Revolution Is Finally Gaining Serious Momentum

article icon Issue Brief China’s downshift in coal consumption makes way for cleaner energy sources and substantial emission reductions.

Pope Francis at United Nations

Climate Talks Must Heed the Call of Pope Francis and the Multifaith Movement

At the Paris climate talks, global leaders must heed the urgent call of multifaith activists, led by Pope Francis, for immediate action to protect all people and the planet.

Yemen drought

The Realist Case for Climate Change Cooperation

World leaders should use the Paris climate talks this week to form an alliance against the threat of climate change.

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