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Energy and Environment

Pope Francis at United Nations

Climate Talks Must Heed the Call of Pope Francis and the Multifaith Movement

At the Paris climate talks, global leaders must heed the urgent call of multifaith activists, led by Pope Francis, for immediate action to protect all people and the planet.

Yemen drought

The Realist Case for Climate Change Cooperation

World leaders should use the Paris climate talks this week to form an alliance against the threat of climate change.

A bird flies in front of the Eiffel Tower

A Primer on the Paris Climate Summit

article icon Issue Brief The Paris summit, which is set to produce a new international climate agreement, could mark a global pivot toward clean energy.

Hurricane Sandy damage

Lessons from the Storm

book_alt2 icon Report The rise of extreme weather is spurring cities to develop climate resilience plans, but it takes more than hard infrastructure improvements to thrive after an extreme weather event.

wind turbines

Key Principles for an Energy Policy that Meets U.S. Environmental and Economic Needs

article icon Fact Sheet The United States needs an energy policy that rises to the challenge of climate change, embraces renewable energy and cleaner transportation, and balances energy production with strong environmental protections.


Too Hot to Handle

book_alt2 icon Report It is time for Congress to accept climate science, join the fight against climate change, and help Western communities defend themselves against hotter, bigger, and more dangerous wildfires.

tail pipe emissions

Protecting Public Health in the Fallout of the Volkswagen Pollution Scandal

The Obama administration has the tools it needs to protect the public from the pollution associated with the Volkswagen scandal while boosting local economies throughout the country.


Confronting America’s Wildlife Extinction Crisis

book_alt2 icon Report A new classification for declining plant and animal populations would encourage the voluntary conservation of U.S. wildlife species before they reach the brink of extinction.

President Obama and President Xi

Climate-Related Risk Insurance: A New Opportunity for U.S.-China Collaboration

The United States and China can put their shared climate-finance commitments to work by collaborating on climate-related parametric-risk insurance initiatives.

Great Smoky Mountains alternative fuel kick-off events

The Greening of Our National Parks

article icon Issue Brief As the centennial of the National Park Service approaches, a commitment to sustainable transportation will help move the parks into the next century.

Obama and Modi

Paris: The New Geopolitics of Climate Change

A series of recent climate pledges from developing countries has demonstrated that the geopolitics of climate action is shifting in the lead-up to the Paris climate agreement.

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