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Energy and Environment

Katrina, 10 Years Later: How Climate Change Affects Lives, Livelihoods, and the World We Live In

Ten years after Katrina, CAP experts examine the impacts of a changing climate on infrastructure, poverty, and housing.

Power generation engineer

A 4-Point Plan for Responsibly Expanding Renewable Energy Production on America’s Public Lands and Oceans

book_alt2 icon Report To speed the next generation of renewable energy projects on public lands and waters, policymakers should institutionalize permitting reforms, designate new renewable energy zones, collaborate with communities for new projects, and create a revolving loan fund.

oil pipeline Dakotas

The EPA’s Newest Methane Emissions Rule Is a Crucial Step for Climate Action

The Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposal is a critical component of the Obama administration’s efforts to address climate change and paves the way for future action to cut methane emissions.

Abandoned house in Shishmaref

3 Ways President Obama Can Help Native Communities Avert Climate Catastrophe

During his visit to Alaska this August, President Obama has an opportunity to help imperiled Alaska Native villages escape climate disaster.

Arches National Park

The Environmental Impacts of Exporting More American Crude Oil

Congressional proposals to outsource American crude oil to foreign refineries would increase carbon pollution, land loss, and environmental risks.

Lightening strikes over Lake Mead.

Climate Change Threatens Electric Grid Reliability in the Southwest

Opponents of the Clean Power Plan claim that it will undermine grid reliability, but climate change is a far greater threat to power in the Southwest.

Alaska glacier

From Anchorage to Paris: How to Curb Arctic—and Global—Warming in 2 Steps

Secretary Kerry’s August Arctic conference in Anchorage, Alaska, is the ideal opportunity for world leaders to build momentum for a strong global climate agreement in Paris and to commit to cutting black carbon and methane pollution.

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Arctic Warming and What It Means for the Region and the Planet

article icon Fact Sheet Rising temperatures are driving dramatic changes in the Arctic with alarming consequences for people, plants, and animals across the globe.

Gold King Mine

Fair Share Scorecard

book_alt2 icon Report U.S. taxpayers deserve a fair share of the revenues from drilling, mining, and other development on America’s public lands.

Hurricane Katrina

When You Can’t Go Home

article icon Issue Brief In Hurricane Katrina’s 10-year wake, there is still much to learn about the effects and frequency of climate displacement.

The Legacy of Katrina

play_alt icon Video It has been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and disproportionately affected its poor and black residents. Senior Fellow Sam Fulwood asks what have we learned since those dark days in Louisiana a decade ago.

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