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Fact Sheet: A Plan for Investing in America’s Infrastructure

article icon Fact Sheet Sustained investment in infrastructure will lay the foundation for prosperity and rebuild the middle class.

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Reviving Antitrust

book_alt2 icon Report Rising income inequality, stagnant middle-class incomes, and growing evidence of increasing market power in parts of the U.S. economy all point toward the need for a renewed focus on antitrust enforcement.

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Infographic: Payday Loans: Beneath the Surface

Adopting a strong rule on payday and auto title loans would greatly reduce the potential for predatory loans to destabilize families and communities.

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Calculating the Hidden Cost of Interrupting a Career for Child Care

article icon Issue Brief The how and why behind CAP’s child care cost calculator, which helps determine the financial cost of choosing between full-time work and full-time care.

Lew and Padilla in Puerto Rico classroom

Congress Must Pass PROMESA to Prevent Crisis in Puerto Rico

Protecting the health and livelihoods of Puerto Ricans requires immediate action.

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3 Ways to Tell Someone Is Serious About Evidence-Based Policy

Evidence-based policymaking should not become a buzzword to justify cuts to programs for struggling families.

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The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-June 2016 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts Labor market improvements should not make a rate hike a foregone conclusion.

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The Danger of Measuring Roadway Congestion Wrong

article icon Issue Brief By measuring congestion as a reduction in vehicle speed, the U.S. Department of Transportation will penalize states and regions that invest in public transportation—especially traditional bus and bus rapid transit systems.

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The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-May 2016 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts The economy is showing consistent job growth with wages still lagging.

A driver for the ridesharing service Lyft uses Lyft's smartphone app.

Can New Transportation Technologies Improve Equity and Access to Opportunity?

article icon Issue Brief Rapid advances in technology, including mobile applications that facilitate ridesharing, are transforming surface transportation with the potential to expand transit ridership, social equity, and access to opportunity.

CFPB director

Many Happy Returns for Consumers: The CFPB at 5 Years

Policymakers should support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for its efforts to hold banks accountable and to rebuild public trust.

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