Why All Workers Should Be Able To Deduct Union Dues

In order to increase tax fairness for workers, the federal government should immediately restore the tax deduction for union dues and make it available for all workers who support their unions, not just those who itemize.


Workers’ Boards: A Brief Overview

By developing policies for workers’ boards—governmental bodies that bring together representatives of workers, employers, and the public—state and local policymakers can raise minimum wage rates, benefits, and workplace standards across entire occupations, sectors, and industries.


Workers’ Boards: Frequently Asked Questions

Workers’ boards—also known as wage boards or industry committees—set minimum wage rates, benefits, and workplace standards for an entire occupation, sector, or industry. Boards can raise wages for both low- and middle-income workers, and they are particularly helpful in industries where traditional collective bargaining is difficult.



The Economics of Caregiving for Working Mothers

Working mothers are important drivers of three essential industries—elementary and secondary education, hospitals, and food services—yet cannot afford child care for their own children.



America Decides

One year out from the 2020 election, American voters support a range of pragmatic government actions to expand health care access and reduce costs; increase taxation on the wealthy; help low-income families with basic living necessities; and check corporate power.


Short-Changed: How Tipped Work Exacerbates the Pay Gap for Latinas

Latina Equal Pay Day serves as a reminder that Latinas make 54.5 cents for every dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic men. New analysis demonstrates that the difference is even starker for Latinas who work for tips: Tipped Latina workers earn 65 percent less than nontipped white, non-Hispanic men.


Adversity and Assets: Identifying Rural Opportunities

Rural America has yet to recover from the Great Recession, but by leveraging its communities’ unique strengths, it can build a brighter future for everyone.