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Tax Simplification That Works for Everyone

book_alt2 icon Report Three big steps can make the U.S. tax code simpler, while improving tax fairness and the nation’s long-term fiscal health.

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Budgeting for Public Investments and Economic Growth

article icon Issue Brief Here are four ways that policymakers can better measure how public investments grow the economy.

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New Census Data Show Middle-Class Incomes Rising—But More Work to Be Done

Latest data bring great news: The median U.S. household saw its income rise by 5.2 percent in 2015.

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Opportunities for Promoting Credit for Affordable Housing in Rural America

article icon Issue Brief The affordable housing challenges facing rural communities demand a careful look at strategies that can boost credit and help rural communities thrive.

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Achieving Middle-Class Economic Security Through Raising Wages and Rebuilding Wealth

article icon Fact Sheet Declining middle-class economic security is a policy choice. Here is a policy agenda for rebuilding it.

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To Raise Productivity, Let’s Raise Wages

article icon Issue Brief Policymakers trying to reverse the productivity slowdown should focus on policies that raise wages and restore full employment.

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The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-September 2016 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts In honor of back-to-school season, this column takes a look at the U.S. teen labor market.

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Assessing Claims About Public-Private Partnerships

article icon Issue Brief Public-private partnerships do not address the most fundamental challenge facing state and local governments: a lack of sufficient tax and user fee revenue needed to expand infrastructure investment.

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The Medicare Cost Curve Bent During the Obama Administration

Medicare spending projections have fallen dramatically since President Obama took office, thanks in part to the Affordable Care Act.

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Understanding the Limitations of Autonomous Vehicles and the Need for Public Transportation

Autonomous vehicles will complement traditional high-capacity public transportation in large metropolitan regions.

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The Cost of Work-Family Policy Inaction

book_alt2 icon Report The lack of work-family policies in the United States costs working families billions of dollars in lost wages every year.

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