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The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-May 2016 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts The economy is showing consistent job growth with wages still lagging.

A driver for the ridesharing service Lyft uses Lyft's smartphone app.

Can New Transportation Technologies Improve Equity and Access to Opportunity?

article icon Issue Brief Rapid advances in technology, including mobile applications that facilitate ridesharing, are transforming surface transportation with the potential to expand transit ridership, social equity, and access to opportunity.

A nurse prepares to hand out medicine

How Labor Friction and Social Fiction Relate to the Gender Wage Gap

Labor market frictions exacerbate lower pay for women.

A mother feeds her daughter.

House Budget Cuts Would Weaken the Economy for Future Generations

article icon Issue Brief Economic research shows how cutting health care, environmental, and nutrition programs means unhealthy children today and a less productive workforce tomorrow.

retirement home

A Secure Retirement Demands Limiting Conflicts of Interest

The U.S. Department of Labor’s final rule on conflicts of interest will protect savers and retirees, as well as improve trust in financial advice.

A restaurant general manager interviews candidates for positions.

The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-April 2016 Jobs Release

Workers are finding jobs, but most still need a raise.

Obama speaks about ACA

The Obama Health Care Legacy: More Coverage and Less Spending

Major federal health programs now cover millions more Americans while costing less than was expected in earlier estimates that did not include the Affordable Care Act.

Gates are closed at the McPherson Square Metrorail Station.

Pains, Trains, and Automobiles During the D.C. Metrorail Shutdown

Metrorail’s recent daylong shutdown resulted in more than 76,000 hours lost in travel time, costing an estimated $1.2 million. Continuing to underfund a troubled system is far costlier than fixing it.

California mobile home

5 Affordable Housing Objectives the Duty to Serve Rule Could Accomplish in Underserved Areas

A rule recently proposed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency could help facilitate a more affordable and fair housing market.

Paul Ryan budget

How the House Budget Sides with the Wealthy Over Everyone Else—Even Republican Voters

The House budget makes choices that are terrible for working families but popular with wealthy Republican donors. These priorities are out of touch with the American people and a majority of Republican voters.

construction worker

The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-March 2016 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts Labor market indicators show a healthy economy that has room to grow.

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