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Better Banking Products on Campus

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Safe Student Account Scorecard is a first step toward ensuring that college financial products are designed with students in mind.

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Making Prepaid Cards Safer, More Transparent, and More Affordable

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed prepaid card rule adds transparency and security to cards that increasingly resemble bank accounts, but further improvements could be made.

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Language Access Is a Consumer Protection Issue

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Language Access Plan is a step toward empowering consumers with limited English proficiency to participate fully in the financial marketplace.

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Report of the Commission on Inclusive Prosperity

book_alt2 icon Report Nations need to ensure both that economic growth takes place and that it is broadly shared. Nations succeed when their middle class is secure in the expectation that those willing to work are able to work and that standards of living will increase.


April’s Employment Report Stings with Disappointment

The labor market has been improving faster than other economic indicators, but that trend looks less strong after March’s employment report.

Social Security Administration

The Reality of the Retirement Crisis

article icon Issue Brief For millions of Americans, retirement—the so-called golden years—will be significantly tarnished by a lack of savings.

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The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-April 2015 Jobs Release

bars icon Charts Broader economic indicators show that today’s economy carries historically low growth in wages and considerable room for more employment growth.


Advancing a Multimodal Transportation System by Eliminating Funding Restrictions

book_alt2 icon Report Transportation funding restrictions prevent states and metropolitan regions from making objective decisions about the most appropriate investments. Increased programmatic flexibility will allow funding to flow to the most beneficial projects regardless of the source of money.


Why Wages Are Not Returning as Job Growth Increases

The U.S. economy has added 11.2 million private-sector jobs in the expansion since February 2010, but wages are still going nowhere.


The Middle-Class Squeeze

book_alt2 icon Report America's middle class is being squeezed by stagnant—and in many cases declining—incomes and rising costs. To address the middle-class squeeze, we need to enact policies that will both increase incomes and also address rising child care, higher education, health care, housing, and retirement costs.

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Economic Snapshot: May 2015

article icon Issue Brief Policymakers need to build on successes of past progressive policies by implementing measures that raise wages and boost productivity growth.

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