Voters Across Party Lines Support Clean Slate Legislation

Voters overwhelmingly support clean slate legislation to automatically seal records for nonviolent crimes and marijuana possession. Support also crosses party and demographic lines for legalization of marijuana.


Where Change Happens: The Aftermath of Sexual Harassment

Remedying sexual harassment must encompass more than a particular incident and include examining underlying structures, systems, and culture to eliminate discrimination in every corner of the workplace.



New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy on Resisting Trump

Michele and Igor speak with New Jersey Gov. Murphy about the progress his state has made, as well as with CAP Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy Ben Olinsky about some of CAP's big policy ideas.



Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s Take on Corruption

Sen. Richard Blumenthal joins Michele and Igor to discuss his pending lawsuit against President Donald Trump; his concerns over the AT&T-Time Warner merger and Trump's judicial nominees; and why he thinks America and its allies aren't any safer after the North Korea summit.



Erdoğan Not Assured of First-Round Victory

A major new poll ahead of Turkish elections shows sharp divisions among Turks about the president’s tenure and the vulnerability of Erdoğan and the government on the economy.



Dumping on Democracies, Praising Dictators

Igor speaks with CAP national security experts Kelly Magsamen and Mike Fuchs about the North Korea summit and how to work toward denuclearization.