Past Event

Making Progress for LGBTQI+ Gen Z

Center for American Progress
12:00 - 1:15 PM EST

As of 2020, young people between the ages of 18 and 24 (Generation Z) make up around 20 percent of the U.S. adult population. This generation is entering adulthood and the job market facing unique social and economic challenges, among them increased discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexuality. A recent nationally representative survey conducted by the Center for American Progress found that LGBTQI+ members of Generation Z face higher levels of discrimination in areas including housing, school, and the workforce than previous generations report. According to the survey, this heightened discrimination results in higher rates of financial struggles, mental health issues and avoidance behaviors among LGBTQI+ Gen Zers. Comprehensive solutions at the federal level, such as the Equality Act, are urgently needed to address the discrimination these young people face and allow them to live their lives fully.

Please join the Center for American Progress, Generation Progress, young LGBTQI+ elected officials, and a cross-movement panel of advocates, policy experts, and researchers to discuss why Gen Z LGBTQI+ individuals are experiencing such significant disparities and what policymakers can do to address this crisis.

We would love to hear your questions. Please submit any questions for our distinguished panel via email at Live captioning will be available on Zoom and on the YouTube livestream.

Introductory remarks:
Sharita Gruberg, Vice President of the LGBTQ and Communications Project, Center for American Progress

Keynote remarks:
Speaker Ryan M. Fecteau (D-ME), Speaker of The Maine House of Representatives

Jordan Budd, Executive Director, COLAGE
Olivia Julianna, Advocate and Digital Content Creator, Gen Z for Change
Lindsay Mahowald, Research Assistant with the LGBTQ Research and Communications Project, Center for American Progress
Preston Mitchum, Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs, The Trevor Project

Edwith Theogene, Director of Advocacy, Generation Progress

Closing remarks:
Matthew Taylor, Member-at-Large, Sunnyside Unified Governing Board in Arizona

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