Past Event

Exclusive Call: Learning to Learn

A Business Alliance Opportunity

Center for American Progress
2:30 - 3:00 PM EDT

CAP Senior Fellow Ulrich Boser’s new book Learn Better, popularly acclaimed by The Atlantic, Amazon, NPR, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and Publisher’s Weekly, dissects the science of learning.

Ulrich’s book, “Learn Better,” takes a broad look at how people can gain skills more effectively, showing how simple techniques like self-questioning can help people gain expertise in dramatically better ways.

In the book, Ulrich describes the skill of “learning to learn,” and he shows that a lot of the conventional wisdom on how we gain expertise is wrong. There’s little evidence for learning styles, the idea that some people learn better visually or auditorily. Highlighting has also been shown to be an ineffective learning strategy. So what does work when it comes to developing a skill or sharpening an area of knowledge? Surprisingly, the answer is strategies like quizzing and reflection.

Ulrich has been giving talks about the skill of “learning to learn” at companies, nonprofits, and schools, detailing ways to better develop expertise and improve at just about anything.

To hear more about Learn Better and how companies have used this resource, join us for this exclusive call.