Solid Backing for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Polls show that the public has made up its mind on embryonic stem cell research. Yet the president may once again disregard the public will.

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President Bush may once again clearly and directly go against the public will next month when the Senate votes on legislation to lift federal limits on embryonic stem cell research. The president has already stated that he will once again veto the legislation, which has already passed though the House, if the Senate approves it.

The public made up its mind about embryonic stem cells quite a while ago, and now a solid and consistent majority says that it wants to move forward with research. Consider the results from the three 2007 polls that asked about this issue.

Each survey polled embryonic stem cell support in a different way, yet they all received pretty much the same response: close to 2:1 support for embryonic stem cell research. It’s interesting to note that even Republicans in the CBS News poll said they approve of embryonic stem cell research by 54-36. On the stem cell research issue, Bush isn’t even representing his own partisans, much less the rest of the public.

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