Public Optimistic on Obama’s Economic Plans

The public has faith that Obama’s policies will improve economic conditions and bring down the deficit in the long run, writes Ruy Teixeira.

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We’ve obviously got a long way to go to economic health in this country. But new Pew Research Center data show that by 65 percent to 28 percent the public is optimistic about the effect of Obama’s policies on economic conditions. And despite considerable concern about the budget deficit the public is also optimistic, by 55 percent to 36 percent, that Obama’s policies will bring down the deficit in the long run.

chart showing that Americans are generally optimistic about the Obama economic policies

In the same survey the public gives 55-39 approval to the $800 billion stimulus plan that the conservatives denounced as a fearsome waste of money. And by 73-23 they say they approve of the government spending billions of dollars “to substantially increase spending on roads, bridges, and other public works projects.”

Chart showing that Americans generally approve of the stimulus plan

The public, unlike the conservatives, sees a lot to like in what Obama’s doing on the economy, and they’re willing to give his policies a chance to work. Too bad the conservatives can’t take a leaf from the public’s book on this one.

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