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Americans Disagree with the Ryan Budget’s Priorities

Americans Disagree with the Ryan Budget’s Priorities

The public says “no thanks” to the House Republican budget’s approach to growing the economy, writes Ruy Teixeira.

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Conservative politicians have eagerly embraced Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) radical fiscal year 2013 budget proposal, which would slash social spending to the bone while preserving or extending all tax breaks for the wealthy. President Barack Obama, in contrast, is trying to make the case that the Ryan budget has its priorities completely wrong and that it should be rejected.

Judging from recent public opinion data, the president is likely to find a receptive audience for his arguments. In a March Bloomberg poll, the public was asked about the most effective approach for economic growth and job creation. By a 51-41 margin, respondents endorsed the Obama-style approach of government investments in infrastructure, education, and alternative energy over the Ryan-style approach of spending cuts and tax cuts.

which of the following is more likely to be succesful in growing hte economy and creating jobs?

In the same poll, the public expressed great skepticism about the current tax break for hedge-fund and private-equity managers, which allows them to pay only 15 percent on their share of profits—a tax break the Ryan budget protects. By an overwhelming 68-17 margin, the public deemed this tax break “unreasonable.”

reasonable or unreasonable that hedge funds pay lower than 15 percent on shared profits?

Conservatives believe that the more the public hears about Rep. Ryan’s “marvelous” budget, the more they’ll like it. These data suggest the reverse is likely to be true.

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