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  • ADMITTED BRIBING NIGERIAN OFFICIALS: In a 2002 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Halliburton has admitted that “one of our foreign subsidiaries operating in Nigeria made improper payments of approximately $2.4 million” during the time Vice President Cheney was the company’s CEO. [Source: Dallas Morning News, 1/9/04]
  • ADMITTED BRIBING KUWAITI OFFICIALS: Halliburton had to pay $6.3 million to the Army after two employees took kickbacks in return for awarding a Kuwaiti-based company with lucrative work supplying U.S. troops in Iraq. [Sources: Reuters, 2/11/04; WSJ, 1/23/04]
  • NIGERIA INVESTIGATING BRIBERY CHARGES: Nigeria is conducting an investigation into “allegations that a Halliburton subsidiary paid $180 million in bribes to land a natural gas project contract” in that country during the time Vice President Cheney was the company’s CEO. [Source: NYT, 2/7/04]
  • DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, SEC INVESTIGATING NIGERIA BRIBERY CHARGES: The Justice Department and the SEC are investigating whether Halliburton Co. was involved in the payment of $180 million in possible kickbacks to obtain contracts to build a natural gas plant in Nigeria during a period in the late 1990’s when Vice President Dick Cheney was chairman of the company. [Source: Newsweek, 2/4/04]
  • HALLIBURTON EVADED U.S.SANCTIONS TO DO BUSINESS WITH IRAN: The Treasury Department reopened a 2001 inquiry that “centered on the legality of the business dealings between Iran and a Halliburton subsidiary incorporated in the Cayman Islands.” Under Cheney’s leadership, the company used loopholes that allowed “companies to get around the sanctions and conduct business through foreign subsidiaries as long as these entities are not run by Americans.” [Source: Reuters, 2/11/04]
  • HALLIBURTON EVADED U.S.SANCTIONS AND DID BUSINESS WITH IRAQ: “According to oil industry executives and confidential United Nations records… Halliburton held stakes in two firms that signed contracts to sell more than $73 million in oil production equipment and spare parts to Iraq while Cheney was chairman and chief executive officer of the Dallas-based company.” [Source: Wash. Post, 6/23/01]
  • HALLIBURTON OVERCHARGED FOR MEALS: Halliburton has to pay the Pentagon for $27.4 million in overcharges for meals served to troops abroad. The company allegedly billed the government for meals that were never served to troops. Auditors are now looking into the company’s food contracts at more than 50 other locations. [Source: LA Times, 2/3/04].
  • PENTAGON INVESTIGATING OVERCHARGING FOR GAS: A Pentagon investigation is continuing after an audit found Halliburton overcharged the Army by $61 million for gasoline delivered to Iraq as part of its no-bid contract to help rebuild Iraq’s oil industry. [Sources: LA Times, 2/3/04; AP, 12/12/03]
  • PENTAGON INVESTIGATING UNSANITARY KITCHENS: The Pentagon reported finding “blood all over the floor,” “dirty pans,” “dirty grills,” “dirty salad bars” and “rotting meats … and vegetables” in four of the military messes the company operates in Iraq. [Source: AFP, 12/14/03]
  • HALLIBURTON GOUGING IN THE BALKANS: The General Accounting Office found in 1997 Halliburton “billed the Army for questionable expenses for work in the Balkans, including charges of $85.98 per sheet of plywood that cost $14.06. A year 2000 follow-up report on the Balkans work that found inflated costs, including charges for cleaning some offices up to four times a day.” [Source: AP, 12/12/03]
  • HALLIBURTON GOUGING CALIFORNIA BASE: In February 2002, Halliburton paid $2 million in fines “for defrauding the government of millions of dollars by inflating prices for repairs and maintenance for work.” [Source: NYT, 6/13/02]
  • HALLIBURTON’S ACCOUNTING: The SEC investigated Halliburton for disreputable accounting practices in 1998 under Cheney’s watch. Halliburton increased revenue by $89 million in the fourth quarter of 1998 “by postponing possible losses from customers’ nonpayments.” [Source: Wash. Post, 6/16/02]

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