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Measuring Conservation Progress in North America Report

Measuring Conservation Progress in North America

As the United States undertakes an unprecedented elimination of protected areas, Canada and Mexico are emerging as North America’s leaders in the conservation of lands and oceans.

Ryan Richards

Fraud in the Tongass Report

Fraud in the Tongass

The Trump administration is subsidizing the clear-cut and export of America’s largest national forest, despite evidence of logging’s high cost and meager economic return.

Ryan Richards

The Favor Factory Report
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke swears in David Bernhardt as the deputy secretary of the Department of the Interior, August 1, 2017.

The Favor Factory

A culture of corruption in President Donald Trump’s Interior Department may be resulting in lucrative rewards for the political patrons and past clients of Secretary Ryan Zinke, Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt, and other senior Trump administration officials.

Jenny Rowland-Shea, Marc Rehmann

Restoring Balance Report

Restoring Balance

This report provides a path forward for federal, state, and city governments to safeguard the ecological and economic health of the American West by protecting and restoring its waterways.

Ryan Richards

Restoring Our Investment in America’s Forests Report

Restoring Our Investment in America’s Forests

Congress can use the farm bill to sustain the nation’s forests and create thousands of jobs by encouraging smart investments in the full range of natural resources and services that forests provide.

Ryan Richards

Social License to Drill Report

Social License to Drill

How the Trump administration is ruining the relationship between Americans, public lands, and energy production.

Mary Ellen Kustin, Kate Kelly

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