Growing the Middle Class

Growing the middle class is fundamental to strengthening the U.S. economy, and yet for decades, Americans’ ability to secure and maintain a place in the middle class has been increasingly out of reach. New laws—the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act—are spurring public and private investments to revitalize American industry, tackle climate change by boosting clean energy production, and create good jobs you can raise a family on. Pairing these investments with new efforts to crack down on corporate greed will also help lower the cost of living—from prescription drugs and energy, to transportation and everyday goods—and grow the middle class.

Photo shows two people assembling a piece of machinery
Two employees work on the production line at Ford’s electric vehicle assembly plant in Dearborn, Michigan, September 2022. (Getty/Jeff Kowalsky/AFP)



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Bidenomics en acción: una visión económica mejor para latinos In the News

Bidenomics en acción: una visión económica mejor para latinos

En una página de opinión en El Tiempo Latino, Gaby Blanco explica cómo las legislaciones económicas de la administración de Biden van a beneficiar a la comunidad latina en los Estados Unidos.

El Tiempo Latino

Gaby Blanco

Pennsylvania New Pathways to Equity Project Article

Pennsylvania New Pathways to Equity Project

This grant funds the renewal and revitalization of public spaces in the Hill District of Pittsburgh and will help make the area more accessible to pedestrians and provide economic opportunities for residents.

Philadelphia SEPTA Clean Buses Article

Philadelphia SEPTA Clean Buses

This grant provides funding for a project to improve bus stops and replace diesel buses with zero-emission vehicles in the Philadelphia region through SEPTA.

Pennsylvania Raystown Lake Spillway Repair Article

Pennsylvania Raystown Lake Spillway Repair

This grant will provide funding to repair a concrete spillway and emergency gates surrounding Raystown Lake in central Pennsylvania.

Cowanesque Dam Renovation Article

Cowanesque Dam Renovation

This grant provides funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to repair the Cowanesque Lake Dam in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Goonies Solar Farm Article

Pennsylvania Goonies Solar Farm

Funding for the Goonies Solar Farm, which will produce enough energy for 33,000 households, will go toward developing a new solar engineering design that will then be manufactured by Doral Renewables.

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