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The Center for American Progress’ K-12 Education team is committed to developing policies for a new education agenda that is rooted in the idea of opportunity for all, with equity in access at the center. This agenda focuses on five key components: (1) applying an explicit race equity lens to policy development; (2) preparing all students for college, civic engagement, and the future workforce; (3) modernizing and elevating the teaching profession; (4) dramatically increasing investments in public schools and improving the equity of existing investments; and (5) bringing a balanced approach to charter school policy.


Why Won’t America Invest in Its Teachers? Podcast
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Why Won’t America Invest in Its Teachers?

This week, Igor sits down with Oklahoma's "Teacher of the Year," Jon Hazell, to discuss why teachers are striking; CAP's director of K-12 Strategic Initiatives, Lisette Partelow, also joins.

Igor Volsky, Michele L. Jawando, Sally Tucker, 2 More Rachel Rosen, Lisette Partelow

When Your Homework Is Restoring The American Dream Podcast

When Your Homework Is Restoring The American Dream

Michele and Igor chat with former U.S. Secretary of Education and President and CEO of The Education Trust John B. King Jr. to discuss our public school systems, school choice, and the racial dynamics still prevalent in education today.

Michele L. Jawando, Igor Volsky, Sally Tucker, 1 More Rachel Rosen