Inclusive Growth

Inclusive Economy

We are focused on building an inclusive economy by expanding worker power, investing in families, and advancing a social compact that encourages sustainable and equitable growth.

A subway train pulls into the Flushing Avenue station in Brooklyn.
A subway train pulls into the Flushing Avenue station in Brooklyn on February 2, 2019, in New York City. (Getty/Gary Hershorn)

What We're Doing

Investing in people

We seek to eliminate poverty and ensure every American, regardless of their ZIP code, can live a life of dignity by developing, protecting, and expanding vital economic security policies and safety net programs.

Achieving sustainable growth

We work to address structural issues in the economy by promoting bold public investments, progressive tax reforms that require the wealthy to pay their fair share, and sound fiscal policies to support broad-based economic growth.

Expanding worker power

We work to ensure executive actions and legislation, promote high-quality jobs, increase worker power, and raise standards for government contract workers. As part of this effort, we are pushing for a federal $15 minimum wage and strengthening workers’ voices in their workplace.

Championing a new social compact

We need a new social compact with business that reimagines their obligations to society on issues such as environmental and climate matters, economic opportunity for workers, paying their fair share in taxes, and racial equality in the pursuit of more sustainable, innovative growth.

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What kind of transportation future do we want? In the News

What kind of transportation future do we want?

In an op-ed published by Route Fifty, Kevin DeGood explains the potential risks that integrating autonomous vehicles could pose if pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable users are not prioritized.

Route Fifty

Kevin DeGood

Regulatory Change To Enhance Treasury Market Stability Report
The steps up to the front of the Treasury building

Regulatory Change To Enhance Treasury Market Stability

Nonbank financial actors have significantly disrupted U.S. and U.K. government debt markets in the past few years, but regulators can reduce some of these risks through existing authorities.

Marc Jarsulic

2023 CAP IDEAS Conference Past Event
CAP IDEAS Conference logo

2023 CAP IDEAS Conference

Join the Center for American Progress as we celebrate 20 years of innovative policy solutions and look boldly forward to a progressive future.

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