Under the Pala Pala

In this video series, Indigenous advocates join Center for American Progress Senior Fellow Angelo Villagomez to discuss front-line conservation efforts across the United States. A “pala pala” is a small structure in Chamorro culture that is used as shelter from the sun and rain. There is usually one on a farm or ranch, and after working all day, people come in for lunch to share conversations and laughs. Season 1 focused on six themes of Indigenous-led conservation: identity, knowledge, values, responsibility, advocacy, and allyship.

This image is a graphic depicting an illustrated pala pala, or a small structure used as shelter from the sun and rain, with two figures beneath it, with the sun setting over water and mountains in the background.

In this series

‘Under the Pala Pala’: Special Edition Episode

‘Under the Pala Pala’: Special Edition Episode

In this special edition episode, six national marine sanctuary advocates came together for a storytelling event hosted by the Center for American Progress and the National Ocean Protection Coalition at the fifth International Marine Protected Area Congress in Vancouver, Canada, to talk Indigenous-led conservation.

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