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Global Progress on Equal Pay and Paid Leave

Countries around the world have adopted policies to promote women’s economic security and participation and close the gender wage gap. The United States is an extreme outlier in its lack of such policies.



International Approaches to Closing the Gender Wage Gap

While achieving progress on national work-life and anti-discrimination policies has been all but politically impossible in the United States in the past few decades, industrialized and developing countries alike are comprehensively addressing both facets of the gender wage gap.



The Value of Equal Pay to the U.S. Economy

The gender wage gap is also a drag on the U.S. economy; closing the gap should be a top priority of any economic policy agenda that seeks to strengthen and grow the economy.



The Pillars of Equity

The United States must acknowledge and focus on the mutually reinforcing ways in which reproductive health and economic empowerment help both women and the economy thrive.


Labor Secretary 101: Why It Matters

The secretary of labor plays an important role in the daily lives of workers, from ensuring fair workplaces to advancing the economic security of working families. It is critical that whoever fills the position is dedicated to furthering these goals for all Americans.