The Time to Stop Death in Uganda Is Now!

The Ugandan Parliament is set to vote this week on an extreme bill that targets gays and lesbians for imprisonment and even death. Bishop Gene Robinson and Andre Banks explain what you can do to help stop it.



Another Way to Fight Terrorism

Bin Laden’s death and the Middle East uprisings present the Obama administration with an opportunity to shift to a more comprehensive counterterrorism strategy that recognizes a changing landscape, writes Sarah Margon.


Five Myths About Foreign Aid

John Norris debunks myths about foreign aid and examines whether it is beneficial.

The Y Article

John Norris discusses a Pentagon report that says the United States is fundamentally getting it wrong when it comes to setting its priorities.


Death by a Thousand (Small) Cuts

The budget deal for the rest of the fiscal year cuts key foreign affairs and assistance funding we need to respond to the changing threats across the globe that require more than military might, says Sarah Margon.



The U.S. Global Development Council

Noam Unger and John Norris spell out some of the key considerations that should be addressed as the U.S. Global Development Council moves from concept to reality.