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A Better America: Equity for All

The Center for American Progress Leadership Institute has launched a podcast series to provide a place for progressive professionals of color to analyze policy issues affecting vulnerable communities across America.

Leadership Fellow Featured in TIME Magazine Cover Story

Leadership Fellow Tolu Olubunmi was featured in the cover story of this week’s TIME magazine, as well as a video. The cover story, written by the well-known journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, focuses on the growing immigration rights movement and what it means to be an American.

Leadership Fellow Joins NAACP as Director of Digital Media

CAP Leadership Fellow Jamiah Adams was hired as director of the digital media department at the NAACP. Jamiah will be directing the digital strategy behind NAACP campaigns including criminal justice, civic engagement, health, and voter suppression. Campaigns will be run across all digital platforms, including mobile, website, email, social media, and multimedia.

Leadership Fellow Joins Brennan Center for Justice as Director of Justice Program

The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law announced on July 11, 2012, that CAP Leadership Fellow Inimai Chettiar would be joining the organization as director of the justice program. In this capacity, Chettiar will guide the center's work to end unnecessary incarceration and to ensure equal access to the courts. The center's president, Michael Waldman, welcomed Chettiar by stating, "Her leadership in racial and criminal justice issues will be crucial as we work to fix the nation's broken criminal justice system."

CAP Leadership Institute Intern Meets President Obama at the White House

Progress 2050 and Leadership Institute intern Kevin Felisme participated recently in Campus Progress' Student Debt Day as part of a group of college students who lobbied members of Congress on the issue of federal student loan interest rates and the Stafford loan program. Their main concern was that if Congress failed to take action by July 1, the 3.4 percent interest rates for subsidized Stafford loans would double to 6.8 percent.

Leadership Institute Attends Presidential Roundtable in South Africa

The CAP Leadership Institute attended the African Presidential Roundtable 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa this May. Ambassador Charles Stith, director of the African Presidential Archives and Research Center at Boston University, extended this wonderful opportunity to the Fellows to participate in the Roundtable as official observers. The Roundtable 2012 was a global conversation connecting former African heads of state, diplomats, industry leaders, and international dignitaries in closed-door discussions around the theme of a 21st Century Energy Agenda for Africa.

CAP Leadership Fellow Awarded NGen Fellowship

Leadership Fellow Alejandro T. Reyes was recently selected as one of the 2012 American Express NGen Fellows. Independent Sector (IS) created this program in 2009 as part of its larger initiative NGen: Moving Nonprofit Leaders from Next to Now. Reyes is one of 12 talented under-40 leaders at an IS member organization who will participate as a Fellow in this 9-month program to build leadership capacity, professional networks and contribute to IS’ work on nonprofit impact.

Leadership Fellow to Participate in Global Youth Summit in South Africa

Leadership Fellow Jamila Aisha Brown will participate in the Open Society Initiative forSouthern Africa's Youth Summit this May in Cape Town, South Africa. The Youth Summit will preview the Open Society's OpenForum, which will be centered around the theme of Money, Power and Sex: The paradox of unequal growth. The OpenForum will provide a space for activists, academics, businesspeople and policy-makers to reflect on the current economic, social and political implications for Africa and guide the programming and advocacy of the Africa Foundations. Brown is one of 60 young people worldwide who will participate in the Youth Summit and speak to these important issues from an informed and innovative perspective.

Leadership Fellow to Lead Media Training in Macedonia

Washington, DC—CAP Leadership Fellow Jamiah Adams will lead a media training in Skopje, Macedonia this May with the US Embassy in Macedonia. Her training will be held at the regional conference titled “The Role of the Media in Building Social Cohesion” supported by the State Department's Office of the Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Adams is one of two US trainer-moderators who will attend this conference. Her background working with diverse groups—including the American Muslim community—and her extensive experience producing educational, advocacy and documentary media will allow her to have a tremendous impact on the conference participants.

Samir Paul, DC School Reform NOW December ’11 Outstanding Educator

CAP Leadership Fellow Samir Paul was selected as DC School Reform NOW's December 2011 Outstanding Educator. "Education reform is the silver bullet for the gravest problems facing the United States in a new century," he said in an interview with the local school reform group. "It is a challenge too big for just teachers, just administrators, just communities, or just lawmakers—instead, it will require the unyielding commitment of all those groups and many more."