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Tax Expenditures

The State of Our Tax Code Is Weak

Seth Hanlon argues for trimming wasteful tax expenditures as Congress heads into the 2012 legislative session.

Six Principles for Tax Expenditure Reform

article icon Issue Brief Fixing the excessive and expensive system of tax breaks, credits, and loopholes is key to any deficit reduction plan. Seth Hanlon suggests six principles to guide Congress’s work in this area.

Tax Ex-Spend-Itures

Seth Hanlon explains how the debt limit debate underway in Washington isn’t really about spending versus taxes, as conservatives claim—it’s about whether conservative lawmakers are willing to put wasteful tax code spending on the chopping block.

Good News on Deficit Reduction

Seth Hanlon and Michael Linden are delighted conservatives in Congress may agree that $1 trillion in tax subsidies can be cut to reduce federal spending.

Why Oil Companies Don’t Need Tax Subsidies

play_alt icon Video Seth Hanlon explains why we don't need to give tax subsidies to oil companies.

Eliminating Big Oil Tax Loopholes Won’t Lead to a Tax Increase

Seth Hanlon and Daniel J. Weiss explain why oil company lobbyists are wrong when they claim that ending handouts to companies will increase taxes.

Big Oil’s Misbegotten Tax Gusher

Seth Hanlon shows how oil and gas companies are poised to reap more than $70 billion in tax breaks over the next 10 years, even as they rake in billions in profits that are squeezing ordinary Americans at the pump.

Americans Believe in Tax Equity

James Hairston examines myths about American attitudes toward taxes and finds that people want policymakers to take on Bush tax cuts for the wealthy as part of any long-term budget plan.

Cut Spending in the Tax Code

book_alt2 icon Report Seth Hanlon and Michael Ettlinger explain why reducing spending in the tax code should be discussed in Congress's budget debates.

Cutting Tax Expenditures

The president’s budget contains many provisions that cut wasteful spending through the tax code, writes Seth Hanlon.

Tax Breaks Need Scrutiny

An important provision calling for ongoing review of special tax breaks is missing from the Senate tax compromise, notes Seth Hanlon. It should be included.

Another Tax Cut for the Top 2 Percent?

Congress should prevent a potential windfall to wealthy bond investors by extending Build America Bonds, write Seth Hanlon and Jordan Eizenga.

Let the Bonus Tax Cuts for the Top 2 Percent Fade into the Sunset

Seth Hanlon outlines the reasons why letting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans expire is a good idea.

A Golden Opportunity to Evaluate Energy Tax Expenditures

A new green jobs bill offers lawmakers a chance to establish performance measures for energy tax expenditures, argue Richard W. Caperton and Sima J. Gandhi.

Ask the Expert: What Are Tax Expenditures?

play_alt icon Video Sima Gandhi explains tax expenditures: what they are, what makes them different from other forms of government spending, and how we can rein them in.