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Doing What Works

Domestic Policy

Putting Big Oil Subsidies to Work

Donna Cooper, Richard Caperton, Kate Gordon, and Daniel J. Weiss detail a plan to redirect billions of dollars in giveaways to Big Oil toward building infrastructure to put Americans back on the job.

Meeting the Infrastructure Imperative

book_alt2 icon Report Donna Cooper takes a look at our nation's infrastructure spending needs, and explains how we can pay for them and put Americans back to work.

Series on U.S. Science, Innovation, and Economic Competitiveness

book_alt2 icon Report Two CAP teams, one from Science Progress and the other from the Doing What Works project, release a series of reports focusing on different building blocks of our national competitiveness.

Infographic: House Appropriations Bill Ignores the Other 99 Percent

New appropriations bill eliminates funding for programs that struggling families need, write Donna Cooper and Melissa Boteach.

Destroying Our Infrastructure and Our Construction Industry

Donna Cooper details why legislation to fund airport construction and safety as well as federal highway repairs and construction face unconscionable elimination in Congress.

Let It Flow

Donna Cooper and Jordan Eizenga urge policymakers to encourage other states to follow New York’s lead in applying modern portfolio management strategies to their revolving loan funds—which could mean more badly needed water infrastructure improvements.

Increasing the Impact of Federal and State Funds for Water Infrastructure

Donna Cooper and Jordan Eizenga offer a three-step blueprint for state revolving loan funds for maximizing clean and safe water infrastructure investment.

Don’t Let Freight Economy Run off the Rails

Julia Kantor and Donna Cooper urge Washington policymakers to support a strong American industry where small public investments become major economic gains.

Buy America Works

Sam Ungar and Donna Cooper explore how a new website used by the highway agency makes it easier to ensure that recovery funds flow almost entirely to American companies and workers—and urge other Department of Transportation offices to follow the FHWA’s lead.

Employment Weakness Calls for Stronger Transportation Bill

Donna Cooper explains how a current proposal to reduce federal spending on badly needed roads improvement will also be a drag on employment—at the worst possible time.

The Justice Gap

book_alt2 icon Report Congress should help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Legal Services Corporation to better serve civil legal aid programs.

Access to Evidence

book_alt2 icon Report New practices can help millions of Americans access the legal assistance they need.

Grounds for Objection

book_alt2 icon Report A significant number of people are unable to afford legal assistance, a serious problem for both litigants and courts, writes Joy Moses.

When Second Best Is the Best We Can Do

book_alt2 icon Report We must keep pressing for more lawyers while doing everything we can to make the courts less impenetrable for people who struggle to use them without legal representation.

Why Oil Companies Don’t Need Tax Subsidies

play_alt icon Video Seth Hanlon explains why we don't need to give tax subsidies to oil companies.