Tom Daschle Applauds Ford’s Green Patriotism

Senator Tom Daschle is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress

Washington, DC – “I applaud Ford’s commitment to produce 250,000 additional flex fuel vehicles by the end of this year and to double its flex fuel vehicle production by 2010. Equally important was Ford’s announcement to work with VeraSun to create an ethanol corridor from Chicago to Kansas City, Missouri.

“These announcements, coming as we head into the July Fourth holiday weekend, reflect the green patriotism that America needs to employ to confront the twin threats of our dependence on foreign oil and our warming world. Green patriots recognize we must take actions now to reduce our oil consumption and decrease greenhouse gas pollution. With a united effort from drivers, car manufacturers and fuel providers, we can meet the challenges before us. Ford’s actions this week demonstrate again its commitment to do its part to increase our nation’s energy and climate security through the increased use of biofuels.”

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