STATEMENT: Unable To Defend His Health Care Record, President Trump Lies About Plans To Expand Medicare

Washington, D.C. — Today, President Donald Trump is visiting a Florida retirement community to sign an executive order on Medicare Advantage. Early next week, the Center for American Progress will be releasing additional analysis of this proposal and other false arguments about Medicare expansion proposals. Maura Calsyn, managing director of Health Policy at CAP, released the following statement:

As a candidate in 2016, Donald Trump promised not to cut Medicare, but as president, he’s proposed cutting Medicare by more than $800 billion. He promised to protect people with preexisting conditions, but he’s championed a health care repeal bill and is suing in federal court to eliminate these protections. Rather than defend his indefensible record, the president is once again lying about plans that would actually strengthen health care. Every single Medicare for All and public option proposal put forward by members of Congress would provide more Americans more health care—increasing the number of people with coverage, lowering out-of-pocket costs, and expanding benefits. If the president were serious about helping seniors, he would support H.R. 3, which would empower Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug costs, and scrap his lawsuit to upend health care.

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