STATEMENT: CAP’s Topher Spiro on the Collins-Cassidy Affordable Care Act ‘Replacement’ Plan

Washington, D.C. — Center for American Progress Vice President for Health Policy Topher Spiro issued the following statement on the inadequate Affordable Care Act “replacement” plan put forth by Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), which would make the access and quality of health care dependent on the state in which one lives:

Contrary to the rhetoric of Sens. Cassidy and Collins, you would not be able to keep your Obamacare if you like it. If you happen to live in a state controlled by those who oppose Obamacare, they would be able to gut your coverage and uproot Obamacare root and branch. It’s unconscionable that access to quality health care would depend on where you happen to live.

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