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STATEMENT: President Biden’s Budget Tackles the Country’s Most Urgent Challenges
Press Statement

STATEMENT: President Biden’s Budget Tackles the Country’s Most Urgent Challenges

Washington, D.C.- Today President Biden released his fiscal year 2022 budget proposal. Following the release, Mara Rudman, executive vice president at the Center for American Progress issued the following statement:

President Biden’s budget tackles the country’s most urgent challenges. Along with the priorities outlined in the American Jobs Plan, and the American Families Plan, the policies released today will help the country recover from the pandemic and build a clean energy future, while also investing in workers and families who will create long-lasting, inclusive economic growth. Today’s budget proposal prioritizes infrastructure, and innovation, while making child care, health care, and housing more affordable. Historically, today’s proposal guarantees paid leave and extends family tax credits.

The President’s agenda stands in stark contrast to the recent plans offered by Congressional Republicans.  Their plan largely preserves the unworkable status quo by failing to invest in clean energy, and child care, home and community based services, while also protecting tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. The Republican plan will  increase pollution, cede new green jobs to China, and preserve the caretaking crisis that keeps women out of the labor force.

Today’s proposed budget will put Americans back to work, while also confronting long-standing problems including  climate change, racial injustice, wage stagnation, and child poverty. And while the investments it makes in the American people and our country are great, most Americans will not have to pay an extra cent in taxes because the Biden’s budget proposal is fully financed through tax hikes on large corporations and high-income individuals.

The administration’s proposal does not address all of the nation’s challenges, nor does it represent the full extent of President Biden’s agenda. It is, rather, an ambitious roadmap for what President Biden and Congress can achieve this year. Budgets are statements of values and President Biden’s budget demonstrates his administration’s commitment to building an economy that works for all Americans, not just the privileged few.

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