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STATEMENT: CAP’s Vikram Singh on the Attempted Coup in Turkey
Press Statement

STATEMENT: CAP’s Vikram Singh on the Attempted Coup in Turkey

Washington, D.C. — Center for American Progress Vice President for National Security and International Policy, Vikram Singh, issued the following statement on the attempted military coup against the government in Turkey:

The coup attempt in Turkey was a tragic and deadly mistake. Thankfully, the elected government has been fully restored to power and order has been restored. This government has much to answer for; it can be credibly criticized for scorning democratic practice, punishing freedom of expression, and polarizing society. But any response to the government must come peacefully from the people, not from elements of the military. In a 21st century nation, change can only come at the ballot box. CAP stands with the major political parties of Turkey, all of which have rejected the coup. CAP applauds those who worked to de-escalate violent situations across the country. The leaders of this coup attempt must face justice, and all violent incidents must be fully investigated; but it is also essential that the elected government not use this as a pretext to further stifle legitimate political dissent. CAP urges all sides to exercise restraint and respect human life and the rule of law in the aftermath of this tragedy.

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