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STATEMENT: CAP Founder John Podesta on President Biden’s Ambitious Climate Targets
Press Statement

STATEMENT: CAP Founder John Podesta on President Biden’s Ambitious Climate Targets

Washington, D.C. — In response to President Joe Biden announcing the United States’ updated nationally determined contribution under the Paris climate agreement—the target for how much the country will reduce greenhouse gas emissions economywide over the next decade—Center for American Progress founder John Podesta issued the following statement:

America is leading again. Today’s announcement shows the world that the United States is ready and willing to set a global example through an all-of-society approach to the climate crisis by creating a clean energy future here at home. Americans are already feeling the climate crisis with extreme heat waves, devastating hurricanes, and ever-lengthening wildfire seasons. Reducing emissions by more than 50 percent over the next decade is a bold climate goal that is necessary, ambitious, and achievable.

President Biden’s strong national commitment builds on the foundational progress made by states, cities, universities, and businesses over the last decade in tackling the climate crisis, creating well-paying jobs, and delivering environmental justice—and continued momentum at this subnational level will help make this goal possible. President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is making the investments necessary to guarantee clean air, safe drinking water, and good jobs with worker protections. An equitable and just future with prosperity for all starts with the bold leadership we’ve seen today.

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