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STATEMENT: CAP Experts Denounce Trump’s Public Charge Rule as an ‘Elitist and Discriminatory Wealth Test’
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STATEMENT: CAP Experts Denounce Trump’s Public Charge Rule as an ‘Elitist and Discriminatory Wealth Test’

Washington, D.C. — Today, after months of speculation, the Trump administration officially entered changes to the public charge rule into the Federal Register. The posting of the rule triggers a 60-day comment period. Under this rule, federal officials would be able to deny a green card or permanent residency to immigrants who they consider likely to use Medicaid, food stamps, and housing benefits at any time in the future, fundamentally and unilaterally upending the nation’s immigration system.

Following the posting of the rule, the Center for American Progress’ Melissa Boteach and Tom Jawetz issued the following statements:

Melissa Boteach, senior vice president, Poverty to Prosperity Program:

It’s now official. With the posting of the changes to the public charge rule, the Trump administration has formally created a policy the Department of Homeland Security itself acknowledges will increase poverty and housing insecurity, reduce educational attainment, and have negative effects on businesses and charities. The public charge rule is nothing more than an elitist and discriminatory wealth test that will hurt people regardless of their immigration status.

Tom Jawetz, vice president, Immigration Policy:

The Trump administration’s proposed rule would radically reshape the face of future immigration to this country, granting individual officers and agents unprecedented discretion to discriminate against working families. More than any other policy adopted by the Trump administration to date, this proposed rule makes clear that despite all of the campaign trail rhetoric, this administration opposes immigration and immigrants, period.

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