RELEASE: How Medicare Extra Would Expand Access to Reproductive Health Care

Washington, D.C.—Today the Center for American Progress released a new report exploring how the organization’s universal coverage plan, Medicare Extra — and other universal proposals like Medicare for America and Medicare for All — would address the current inequities in access to quality, affordable reproductive health care. To better understand the current policy landscape, the report also assesses the scope of reproductive health coverage in federal health plans as well as state and federal efforts to further restrict access to care.

“Medicare Extra and other universal coverage proposals outlined in this report critically recognize that reproductive health care is health care and that bodily autonomy shouldn’t be determined by the state you live in or the job you had. As lawmakers push to expand access to coverage — and rebuild the health care system following the pandemic, narrowing disparities that restrict access to reproductive health care, especially for Black and Latina women, must be a priority,” said Jamille Fields Allsbrook, Director of Women’s Health and Rights at CAP.

Please click here to read Medicare Extra: A Tool To Improve Reproductive Health Care Access by Jamille Fields Allsbrook and Osub Ahmed

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