RELEASE: CAP Analysis Calls for Better Process to Address Sexual Harassment Complaints and Empower Survivors

Washington, D.C. — As the #MeToo movement highlights the prevalence of sexual harassment, a new analysis from the Center for American Progress says there should be a better system for dealing with complaints of harassment in the workplace.

A growing backlash focused on due process for those accused of sexual harassment ignores the need for a fairer process overall in order to address harassment in the workplace and empower all survivors, the analysis says.

Ensuring a fair process for addressing sexual harassment claims requires more than a narrow, incomplete focus on protecting the perpetrators. Rather, it requires a comprehensive look at the overall process to identify barriers to uncovering the facts and the truth, eliminate biases against all parties, and create an environment where claims are treated seriously and addressed promptly.

The analysis explains how workplaces and policymakers often fall short in addressing sexual harassment complaints in the workplace and offers seven concrete ways to improve the process.

Read the analysis: “Creating a Fair Process to Combat Sexual Harassment is Essential to Women’s Progress,” by Jocelyn Frye and Michele L. Jawando.

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