RELEASE: Prime Minister Modi’s Visit Offers Opportunities for Improved Indian-U.S. Partnership

Washington, D.C. — With newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi currently making his first official visit to the United States, the Center for American Progress has released a column highlighting three areas in which a strengthened relationship between India and the United States would create economic, security, and environmental improvements for both countries.

The column argues that the three areas with the greatest potential for collaboration are climate and energy, defense and global security, and trade and innovation. The latter is of particular importance considering Modi’s pragmatic, pro-business approach to economic reforms that he hopes will spur job creation in India.

“India has the world’s second-largest population and will soon have the third-largest middle-class consumer market, behind only China and the United States. Therefore, a strategic partnership on trade, innovation, security, and the environment is fundamentally important for the United States as Prime Minister Modi works to bring as much of his population into the middle class as possible,” said Vikram Singh, CAP Vice President of National Security and International Policy. “Modi’s inaugural visit to the United States presents an opportunity to begin a working relationship that will bear fruit for India and the United States on a whole host of important international issues.”

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