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RELEASE: Top 5 Priorities for Reproductive and Disability Rights in 2023 
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RELEASE: Top 5 Priorities for Reproductive and Disability Rights in 2023 

Washington, D.C. — The Center for American Progress released a new fact sheet today, after hosting a roundtable of more than 20 advocates from the reproductive and disability rights and justice communities to outline the major priorities for the groups going into 2023.

The priorities were as follows:

  • Increase disabled people’s access to reproductive health care.
  • Address barriers to covering and funding reproductive health care for disabled people.
  • Increase disabled people’s right to reproductive autonomy.
  • Increase reproductive health education and training for providers and others who work directly with disabled people.
  • Increase sexual and reproductive education for disabled people.

“2023 represents new opportunities for state and local leaders to recommit themselves to passing legislation and changing administrative policies that eliminate barriers to comprehensive and accessible reproductive health care,” said Mia-Ives Rublee, director for CAP’s Disability Justice Initiative and co-author of the fact sheet.“Though this list is nonexhaustive, it should serve as a starting point for leaders to collaborate directly with disability and reproductive rights and justice communities in order to increase access, rectify regressive policies, and ensure reproductive freedom and autonomy for disabled people.”

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