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RELEASE: These Fossil Fuel Industry Tactics Are Fueling Democratic Backsliding
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RELEASE: These Fossil Fuel Industry Tactics Are Fueling Democratic Backsliding

Washington, D.C. — As U.N. climate negotiations in Dubai come under increasing scrutiny for the influence of fossil fuel interests, a new analysis from the Center for American Progress shows how the fossil fuel industry is undermining democratic functions to stem the tide of climate action.

The industry is spreading misinformation, obstructing elected governments’ climate efforts, promoting anti-democratic movements and candidates, and even undermining democratic rights, the column finds.

“The oil and gas industry’s strategy is clear: manipulate the levers of power to obstruct any climate policies that may reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels,” said Chris Martinez, associate director for Domestic Climate at CAP and co-author of the analysis. “If left unchecked, these tactics stifle democratic rights, making governments more responsive to corporations than their own citizens.”

The column examines what these tactics look like in practice and how they work against democratic systems to stifle climate action. The three main tactics are:

  • Polluting democratic societies’ information ecosystems with deception and false climate solutions
  • Using massive financial and lobbying influence over policymakers to defeat climate action and serve industry interests
  • Directly undermining democratic rights and freedoms

Read the analysis: “These Fossil Fuel Industry Tactics Are Fueling Democratic Backsliding” by Chris Martinez, Laura Kilbury, Joel Martinez, Calee White, Mariel Lutz, Kat So, Kate Petosa, Allison Mcmanus, and Anne Christianson

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