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RELEASE: How States and Colleges Can Ensure Equitable Postsecondary Pathways In Light of the Coronavirus
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RELEASE: How States and Colleges Can Ensure Equitable Postsecondary Pathways In Light of the Coronavirus

Washington, D.C. — The Center for American Progress has released two new columns looking at what states and colleges can and should be doing to ensure equitable postsecondary pathways for students in light of the coronavirus. The pieces coincide with College Signing Day, an annual celebration to students’ commitment to continue their studies past high school.

The first column includes an analysis of states’ continuous learning policies, guidance on graduation requirements for students who are off track as a result of COVID-19, and guidance on how to complete high school pathways into postsecondary options. While state implementation will ultimately dictate how successful these policies will be, other states can learn some lessons from listed examples.

The second column, and to a lesser degree the first, looks at what colleges can and should be doing to help eliminate barriers in college enrollment that can put low-income students and students of color at a disadvantage, including extending enrollment and deposit deadlines, waiving deposit fees, and scrapping requirements for applicants to submit SAT and/or ACT scores.

“The coronavirus is further exposing the ravages of systemic inequality in America. Ensuring students from the most marginalized communities have access to quality postsecondary pathways is essential for narrowing wealth gaps and increasing diversity in industries that provide greater benefits and financial security. It should be a top priority for states and colleges as we grapple with and rebound from this crisis,” said Laura Jimenez, director of standards and accountability at CAP.

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