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RELEASE: New Report Discusses Libyan Economy and Governance Problems, Recommending a Framework for Rebuilding
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RELEASE: New Report Discusses Libyan Economy and Governance Problems, Recommending a Framework for Rebuilding

 Washington, D.C. — The alarming security, economic, and political trends in Libya are currently a critical issue for the international community. Despite some progress toward establishing a unified government and against the growing presence of the Islamic State, or IS, in Libya, the country faces an extraordinarily difficult rebuilding effort. While Libya’s problems are legion, establishing a single government and creating a more secure environment are the first orders of business.

The Center for American Progress has released a report looking at the state of the Libyan economy—particularly at the hydrocarbon, or oil and gas, industry—and offering suggestions for how Libya can develop a functioning private sector. It also analyzes Libya’s health care and education systems as examples of key pillars for any sustained recovery. The report analyzes and makes recommendations regarding generating economic growth by doing more to strengthen Libya’s hydrocarbon sector; beginning a process of diversifying Libya’s economy; rebuilding Libya’s government institutions; and looking specifically at two key areas in need of support and improvement—health care and education.

“The focus of this report is to put a spotlight on what needs to be done in Libya beyond security and immediate political concerns. It suggests a framework for Libyans to look beyond security and political concerns to economic and governance issues that are necessary components in any rebuilding process,” said William Danvers, CAP Senior Fellow and author of the report.

If the international community wants to help Libya rebuild, it needs to have a plan that outlines how it will assist Libya with its economy and the development of institutions that can provide the foundation for a revitalized nation. It is clear that having a functioning, unified government and making Libya significantly more secure is necessary to implement efforts to help Libya rebuild its economy and government. A blueprint for such efforts could be an important incentive for the Libyan people to coalesce around a government and a unified approach to security.

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