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RELEASE: New Poll Shows College Affordability a Major Issue for Voters
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RELEASE: New Poll Shows College Affordability a Major Issue for Voters

Students Speak Out on College Costs Through Online Testimonial Campaign


WASHINGTON, DC – The National Education Association (NEA) released the results of a poll on Wednesday that demonstrates that college costs will be a key issue for voters in the 2008 elections. The results mirror what Campus Progress Action has seen throughout the

I’m Voting For

campaign, an online video testimonial project that gives young people a platform to talk about how their personal experiences and passion for the issues are driving them to the polls.

The NEA Poll found that making college more affordable was an important issue in the upcoming elections for 65% of students, and that it was the most important issue for 34% of those polled. A strong majority, 63% of those surveyed, also indicated their support for the federal government to play a substantial role in making college more affordable. Among the participants, there was broad support for almost every policy proposal aimed at making college more affordable. You can view the full poll results here.

College affordability has consistently been among the top five issues for young people submitting testimonials to I’m Voting For, with many of them listing the rising cost of tuition as a problem that is driving them to the polls. Young people have expressed a myriad of concerns, including how the student debt they take on to complete their undergraduate studies will limit their options later in life, and how the college costs keep many of their peers from continuing their education after high school.

Here are a few of the best I’m Voting For videos about college affordability. Click on the links below to view what these young people have to say:

· Preston on how high levels of student debt may keep him from achieving his dream to attend law school

· Aditi on the strain that the cost of college puts on her single parent household

· Ann on how the prohibitively high cost of college is keeping many of her peers from pursuing higher education

To see all the compelling videos of young people who are making college affordability their number one issue this election season, click here. This page will be updated weekly with new videos from young people across the country.

To discuss the I’m Voting For campaign, or to connect with the young people who created these videos, contact Katie Andriulli at 202-481-8238 or [email protected].


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