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RELEASE: New CAP Report Outlines 8 Opportunities To Improve Gun Safety in Minnesota
Press Release

RELEASE: New CAP Report Outlines 8 Opportunities To Improve Gun Safety in Minnesota

Washington, D.C. — With the Minnesota Legislature scheduled to convene for its next biennial session in February 2024, the Center for American Progress published a report outlining eight policies that lawmakers should pursue to further reduce gun violence in the state following a surge in gun violence and overall gun deaths.

“Unlike many other states, Minnesota has responded to increases in gun violence with meaningful action, with lawmakers recently passing expanded background checks and an extreme risk protection order (ERPO) law, and significant statewide initiatives to improve gun safety championed by Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan,” said Allison Jordan, research associate for Gun Violence Prevention at CAP and author of the report. “Building on this success, Minnesota leaders have the opportunity to pass additional popular and proven measures that protect all communities from gun violence. This report suggests several policies to establish a clear, long-term plan for the legislature and the governor to consider and enact in this session and over the next few years.”

Specifically, the report offers the following recommendations:

  • Ensure equitable implementation of Minnesota’s ERPO law.
  • Require individuals to have a permit to purchase firearms.
  • Require secure storage of firearms.
  • Increase support for community-based intervention programs, particularly in areas most affected by gun violence.
  • Improve community trust and curb retaliatory violence through police accountability measures.
  • Raise the age of gun purchase and possession to 21.
  • Improve measures to prevent guns from being stolen and used to commit future violence by requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms and passing state licensing requirements for gun dealers.
  • Enact a state-level gun industry liability law.

Read the report: “8 Ways to Reduce Gun Violence in Minnesota” by Allison Jordan

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