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RELEASE: Japanese Prime Minister’s Visit Is an Opportunity to Work Toward a Progressive Future
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RELEASE: Japanese Prime Minister’s Visit Is an Opportunity to Work Toward a Progressive Future

Washington, D.C. — As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe begins an eight-day visit to the United States, the Center for American Progress has released a column that highlights ways in which the United States and Japan can work to promote inclusive prosperity and environmental sustainability globally. The column focuses on how a concerted effort that utilizes the unique relationship between the two countries and their positions of prominence could help set global trends on economic opportunity, environmental protection, human rights and security, and the advancement of democracy.

“Since the end of World War II, the United States and Japan have been pivotal players in the world’s most important multilateral institutions,” said Brian Harding, CAP Director for East and Southeast Asia and co-author of the column. “Both countries are major international development donors and have set the bar for their commitments to preserving rights and economic opportunity for people worldwide. The prime minister’s visit is the perfect opportunity for the two nations to discuss ways they can work together to promote these values.”

The column outlines two major areas in which Japan and the United States can work together. The first is as a catalyst for greater economic opportunity. The challenges here include ending extreme poverty and sharing the benefits of globalization more broadly, among others. The second is a commitment to work together to ensure that global economic development does not come at the expense of environmental security. The United States and Japan have the ability to set trends for reduction in carbon pollution and energy consumption.

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