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RELEASE: Expanding and Enhancing Data Collection for LGBTQI+ Communities
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RELEASE: Expanding and Enhancing Data Collection for LGBTQI+ Communities

Washington, D.C. — Research has shown that LGBTQI+ individuals experience disproportionate rates of economic and housing insecurity, as well as health disparities, due to high rates of discrimination. Yet, despite recent strides, there remains a persistent lack of routine data collection on sexual orientation, gender identity, and variations in sex characteristics (SOGISC) that hinders efforts to improve the health and well-being of these communities. A new report released today by the Center for American Progress provides a road map for best practices and key considerations for how to incorporate SOGISC data in both general population surveys as well as LGBTQI+ community-based surveys to better understand this growing portion of the U.S. population.

“A lack of robust data hinders the ability of policymakers, researchers, advocates, and service providers to better understand the unique experiences and obstacles LGBTQI+ individuals face,” said Caroline Medina, senior policy analyst for the LGBTQI+ Research and Communications Project and co-author of the report. “By embracing LGBTQI+-inclusive data collection and making meaningful investments to continue to test, develop, and improve these measures, we will gain much more insight into LGBTQI+ experiences and be better equipped to craft evidence-based policies to help meet their needs.”

In addition to explaining best practices and key considerations for collecting data on LGBTQI+ populations, the report also recommends areas for ongoing research to continue improving SOGISC measures; highlights priority surveys where agencies should act to add these questions; and offers guiding principles for all entities interested in advancing LGBTQI+-inclusive data collection efforts.

Click here to read: Collecting Data About LGBTQI+ and Other Sexual and Gender-Diverse Communities: Best Practices and Key Considerations” by Caroline Medina and Lindsay Mahowald

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