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RELEASE: Congress Must Protect Federal Civil Service System, Prevent Abuse of Power
Press Release

RELEASE: Congress Must Protect Federal Civil Service System, Prevent Abuse of Power

Washington, D.C. — Congress must act soon to pass legislation that would protect federal civil service employees and prevent the government workforce from becoming subject to a patronage system that rewards loyalty over expertise, according to a new analysis from the Center for American Progress.

The analysis argues that passage of the Preventing a Patronage System Act is critical to allow civil servants to do their jobs and ensure the federal government’s stability, reliability, and authority in domestic functions and international relations.

The measure is a response to efforts by former President Donald Trump to reclassify thousands of federal employees in policy-related positions so they are effectively at-will employees. It was seen as an effort to require political loyalty from these workers and allow them to be removed with little if any due process.

“Without strong civil service protections, the national security establishment faces a major threat,” said Cissy Jackson, a senior fellow at CAP and author of the column. “Reclassifying these workers would also compromise decision-making in instances that require candor, integrity, and principle. Congress must pass this measure to protect the government’s stability and reliability.”

Read the analysis: “Congress Must Pass the Preventing a Patronage System Act To Protect Federal Civil Servants’ Impartiality” by Cissy Jackson

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