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RELEASE: Commentary from CAP Experts on Issues Important to Latinos
Press Release

RELEASE: Commentary from CAP Experts on Issues Important to Latinos

Washington, DC—As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, CAP economists and policy experts weight in on issues that matter to Latinos. For the rest of the month, CAP will publish commentary on education, immigration, the economy, and other issues.

See below for a sample of their writings which are translated into Spanish and can be reprinted from our website: center-for-american-progress.vipdev.lndo.site

Blame it on the Immigrants

Michele Malkin and fringe conservatives want to blame the financial crisis on immigrants. David Abromowitz shows the truth behind the flimsy facts.

A Question of Priorities

The Bush Labor Department focuses on immigration enforcement while ignoring protections for Latino workers, writes Karla Walters.

An Education Agenda for Latino Students

The strength of our nation’s schools and America’s place in the global economy will be impossible to evaluate in the coming years without focusing on the educational outcomes of Latino students. Federal policymakers have a lot of work to do in improving education for Latinos. Here are eight ideas they can start with.

Bush Plays Politics as Cubans Suffer With all of the talk and debate about the Bush administration’s response to the financial crisis engulfing Wall Street, little attention is being paid to urgent and time sensitive legislation a few members of Congress have introduced that would allow the United States to more effectively and meaningfully respond to the devastating humanitarian crisis in Cuba in the wake of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

An Update on the State of Minorities

The economic state of minorities is not strong. In fact, although all U.S. households have not made gains, Hispanic and African-American households are more vulnerable; they are likely to suffer first and to suffer more in an economy that does not produce widely shared prosperity.

“Sí Se Puede” A Phrase with a Rich History

Over the past few years the rallying cry “ se puede” has become pretty ubiquitous. But use of this phrase comes with the obligation to truly honor its history and deliver on its promise.

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