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RELEASE: CAP Voting Rights Experts Identify Potential Problems for Voters in Key States
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RELEASE: CAP Voting Rights Experts Identify Potential Problems for Voters in Key States

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Washington, D.C. — Today, the Center for American Progress published the sixth in a series of briefs meant to identify potential problems voters may face in key states that have experienced issues with election administration, changes to voting rules, voter intimidation, and more. The states examined in the series are Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

CAP experts identified the following key issues:

In North Carolina, in the wake of the state’s “monster” voter suppression law, there have been issues related to cutbacks to voting opportunities in early voting; the use of provisional ballots; and voter challenges and voter intimidation.

In Ohio, which has been plagued by election administration struggles, experts are keeping a close watch on how the state will effectuate voting rights for the registered voters illegally purged from the rolls; wait times; voter challenges and voter intimidation; and provisional ballots.

In Wisconsin, despite the state’s promises to make free voter IDs widely available to citizens, eligible Americans continue to face roadblocks in accessing documents required for voting.

In Arizona, which experienced serious problems in the primaries, experts are watching issues such as problems with facilitating the collection of mail-in ballots; voter challenges; and wait times.

In Florida, where nearly one in four African Americans have been stripped of their voting rights due to criminal convictions, there could potentially be problems with poll-worker training; provisional ballots; mail-in ballots; and voter intimidation.

In Pennsylvania, the only one of these states without early voting, heightened political rhetoric has raised the potential problems at the polls, including voter challenges and voter intimidation.

“The integrity of our elections depends on the ability of every eligible American to cast a ballot that will be counted. The potential problems facing voters in early voting and on November 8th is deeply troubling and underscores the need to strengthen and modernize our voting systems to protect voting rights and voter access for all,” said Liz Kennedy, Director of Democracy and Government Reform at the Center for American Progress. “State officials must encourage voter participation and ensure a fair system inclusive of all eligible voters. Our freedom to vote is the bedrock of our democracy and fundamental to self-government. We are equals at the ballot box, and every American has the right to have their voice heard to help determine the future for their families, communities, and our country.”

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