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RELEASE: CAP Issues Principles and Positions on Israel and Palestine
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RELEASE: CAP Issues Principles and Positions on Israel and Palestine

Washington, D.C. – As the United States struggles to find a diplomatic solution to the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza, the Center for American Progress released a new set of positions and principles on Israel and Palestine that are intended to provide a foundation for U.S. efforts to end to the conflict, see a return of hostages, and bring lasting peace to the region.

The policy paper urges the United States to advance policies based on principles of international law, human security, justice, self-determination, accountability, and anti-discrimination.

“After months of violence and suffering, peace for Israelis and Palestinians could not feel more urgent,” said Patrick Gaspard, president and CEO of CAP and co-author of the principles. “The people of the Middle East deserve security, freedom, and rights, and we cannot lose sight of that greater goal. In taking strong, principled positions, the United States can lead with credibility to advance a more hopeful future for the region.”

Among the positions, the paper:

  • Calls for a two-state solution that recognizes Palestinian statehood as being key to peace and security.
  • Reiterates a call to suspend the transfer of lethal weapons to Israel until the threat of famine in Gaza has passed and Israel has demonstrated a serious commitment to civilian protection.
  • Underscores the need for accountability for both Hamas and Israeli government officials engaged in abuses, including a period of transitional justice.
  • Recommends combating Hamas through international efforts that would financially isolate the organization and degrade its ability to acquire weapons.
  • Recognizes that Iranian support for Hamas fundamentally enabled the October 7 attacks and urges the United States to work with international partners toward ending this support.
  • Calls on the United States to use sanctions and other diplomatic tools to help bring an end to Israel’s settlement expansions and rights abuses, which have undermined progress toward a political solution.

Read the document: “Principles and Positions on Israel and Palestine,” by Patrick Gaspard and Allison McManus

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