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RELEASE: CAP Explains the Way Forward on North Korea
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RELEASE: CAP Explains the Way Forward on North Korea

Washington, D.C. – As President Donald Trump prepares to meet for the first time with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the Center for American Progress has issued a series of fact sheets that show the benefits of diplomacy, the need for a savvy diplomatic game plan, and the importance of increasing sanctions to contain North Korea.

At the same time, CAP highlights the folly of those who advocate a reckless preventive war with North Korea. Such a war would lead to catastrophic loss of life, cause severe economic harm, and destroy valuable alliances between the United States and other nations.

The fact sheets offer:

  • A three-pronged approach for dealing with North Korea, including regular, high-level diplomatic talks; strengthening our alliances; and increasing pressure with additional sanctions.
  • An outline for pursuing diplomacy as part of a broader strategy to reduce North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and avoid miscommunication in the event of a crisis.
  • A guide to ramping sanctions by targeting North Korean elites, increasing pressure on China, and dismantling North Korea’s international trading networks.
  • An outline of the massive costs of preventive war with North Korea.
  • The case for deterring North Korean aggression by strengthening alliances and bolstering allied military posture in Asia.
  • The myths about North Korea that the Trump administration continues to tout as fact.

Click here to read the fact sheets: “The Way Forward on North Korea: Explained

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