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RELEASE: A Strong NATO Matters More Than Ever as 75th Anniversary Approaches
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RELEASE: A Strong NATO Matters More Than Ever as 75th Anniversary Approaches

Washington, D.C. — On the cusp of NATO’s 75th anniversary, a new analysis from the Center for American Progress argues that the alliance stands as a bulwark of global peace and security that makes Americans safer at home.

Despite calls from a small but vocal minority for U.S. disengagement, a counternarrative emerges: NATO matters profoundly as a powerful deterrent to Russian aggression, and it merits the United States’ full support. Overall, NATO has helped to avert the enormous costs—both human and economic—of a large-scale war by fostering a climate of security and predictability.

The possible fragmentation of NATO or an official U.S. withdrawal might require significant military deployments later on should Russia expand its war of aggression beyond Ukraine. At $625.6 million, the U.S. contribution to NATO’s common defense fund for fiscal year 2025 represents just 0.074 percent of the United States’ federal defense budget.

The column urges the United States to leverage the alliance’s formidable capabilities to anticipate and prepare for new conflict horizons. Recommendations include:

  • Strengthening NATO’s efforts to confront authoritarianism at home and abroad
  • Enhancing defense against nontraditional forms of warfare, including cyberattacks and misinformation campaigns
  • Strengthening partnerships beyond Europe

Read the column: “In Defense of NATO: Why the Trans-Atlantic Alliance Matters” by Robert Benson

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