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RELEASE: 9 Ways the Freedom to Vote Act Would Strengthen Democracy
Press Release

RELEASE: 9 Ways the Freedom to Vote Act Would Strengthen Democracy

Washington, D.C. — A new column from the Center for American Progress outlines nine ways that the Freedom to Vote Act, which is pending in Congress, would bolster democracy by expanding the right to vote, combating corruption, and reducing dangerous political extremism.

The legislation, which was reintroduced last month in the House and Senate, would override many anti-democracy laws passed by at least 20 state legislatures in the past few years. While an earlier version of the measure passed the House last year, it was filibustered in the Senate, despite having the support of 50 senators.

The legislation would:

  • Bolster election security and integrity.
  • Expand voting options.
  • Modernize voter registration.
  • Restore voting rights to formerly incarcerated Americans.
  • Protect election officials and workers from harassment and threats.
  • Stop partisan gerrymandering.
  • Add transparency to the corrupted campaign finance system.
  • Begin a transition to publicly funded election campaigns.
  • Help reduce dangerous election denialism, political extremism, and violence.

The Freedom to Vote Act is built on pro-democracy principles and would counter the relentless attacks on elections by extremist state legislatures across the country, the column argues.

Read the column: “9 Ways the Freedom to Vote Act Would Strengthen Democracy” by Michael Sozan and Greta Bedekovics

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